Winter Decorating: DIY or HIDFY (Have It Done For You)

Freezing temperatures and bitter weather patterns are here, but don’t think that just because the holidays are over you don’t have reason enough to decorate your home in the spirit of the season. Combat the cold outside with warm and cozy decor inside; either by investing in new furnishings or crafting handmade fixtures. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

LightingWine Bottle Light
Lamps and candles are one of the easiest home accessories to work with, especially when crafted out of items you may have lying around the house. If you haven’t packed away your white string lights, or have extras waiting to be packed away, adding them to a glass vase, large Mason jar or empty wine bottle quickly creates a new lighting fixture perfect for windows and tables. When adding to a wine bottle, simply allow the string to come out of the top to plug in, or choose to drill a hole through the back for a cleaner look (find out how to do this safely here).

Epsom Salt Mason Jar LightsCandles can also be easily added to jars or vases. Add a little Epsom salt to the bottom of a jar for a snowy appearance,
then place the candle on top of the salt. Place outside along a walkway or inside on a coffee table for a warm, rustic decoration. Add greenery and white sparkly baubles around the glass container for a complete wintry centerpiece.

A lantern lamp also adds primitive and unique style to any cozy room or darkhallway, especially when lit by a candelabra bulb. Our Coach Lantern Accent Lamp is perfect for an end table or small stand, and creates a warm glow during those cold nights when the wind howls outside your windows.

Curling up on the couch underneath a warm blanket is a classic winter “activity,” – especially during a snowstorm, while watching a movie or when diving into a new book. Blankets and throws also make great decorative pieces; snowflake, evergreen tree, snowman and other patterns perfectly add a wintry feel to any of your rooms. But if you are feeling crafty and want to get off of the couch, you can make your own seasonal or year-round blanket to enjoy. All it takes is some fleece, scissors and a little bit of patience:

  • Pick out between 1.5 to 3 yards of fleece (2 pieces) at your local fabric store. You can choose the same color, print, or mix and match prints and colors for a unique look.
  • Lay out both pieces on a flat surface, making sure the softer sides face out.
  • Cut a rectangle out of each corner, using a note card or similarly sized object to guide your scissors. Work your way down each edge, cutting 2- inch long strips that measure about 1 or 1/2 of an inch wide.
  • Working on one side at a time, tie knots using the top and bottom strips; make sure the fleece stays as flat as possible.
  • Once you’ve tied the last knot, your blanket is ready to be draped on a chair, couch, or used to keep you warm!


If you aren’t feeling particularly crafty, no problem! Pull some of those stored blankets and throws out of that closet and adorn your furniture with them. White, green, blue and neutral colored throws, like our Black & Tan Woven Cotton Throw, work well for a wintry theme. Keep in mind that  adding a comfortable throw to furniture creates an inviting atmosphere and adds warmth to any room during the coldest days of the year.

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