Sturbridge Vault: 1970 Catalog

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we enjoy taking a look back at our past. It reminds us of how privileged we are to continue to thrive as a mail order catalog business 60 years after our founding in 1953,  something to cherish in a world that is ever-changing. From our earliest days in the 1950s to our most recent catalogs and ever-expanding website selection, it is apparent that our dedication to quality home furnishings and early Americana decor have found their place, and are here to stay. Join us as we open the Sturbridge vault to take a look at 1970 and what it had to offer. Click on the images to enlarge them.
1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article Snippet Notes from Ye Prop

In many of our earliest catalogs you will find such ‘notes’ from the proprietor at the time. Here to the left we see one of these notes - an article really – from the current ‘ye prop’. In this letter he addresses the subject of decorating, focusing on “wall-scaping” and use of color. Here is on of our favorite, and still quite helpful, excerpts:

About Room Colors – and “Eclectic’ Styling1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article Snippet

Value in Feedback

In 1970 we were adamant that all customer feedback be accepted, heard and acted upon. Today we offer several avenues in which customers can offer their thoughts. One of those areas is right here on our blog, Shoptalk. Another is through social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. Customers are always invited to provide feedback on our website when placing an order or completing a review. In this next snippet, Sturbridge’s proprietor at the time explains why customer feedback is so important:

1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Customer Feedback Article
1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Customer Complaints

An Interesting Question

We would love to know, why do you furnish in early American? Do you find it timeless? Comfortable? Affordable? For over 60 years we have relied on feedback from our loyal customer (that’s you!) to help us further enhance our selection of quality goods.

1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article

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