Decorating with Green for Renewal

Folk Art Dog and Cat Pillows Why We Love Green

Green is a very popular color for decorating. Whether it is a painted green room or with green accents throughout your entire home, green is an extremely versatile color. Green symbolizes growth and rebirth within nature, particularly highlighted during the spring season.

This refreshing feeling can be carried over to the decor in your home with the use of green. Whether you go for bright greens, bold greens, or muted tones as shown in the sage hues in the image to the left, green can be used in any room in many ways. Add green to your curtains for a calming window treatment or in your bedroom for a nature inspired look. Let us take a moment to explore how Sturbridge Yankee showcases the color green.

Glider Rocker Set
Symbolic of Nature

As implied above, green represents the health and beauty of our earth, and thus all nature itself. Highlight the splendor of all things green with Apothecary Quilt Collection, seen here to the right. Light enough for summer or as an extra layer for chilly nights, the intricate design is inspired by vintage tin ceilings. Grazing Sheep Print showcases early spring blooming all around us, with sheep grazing peacefully amongst the forsythia flowers. Apple Centerpiece is naturally dried for extra appeal.

Apothecary Quilt Collection
Grazing Sheep Print Apple Centerpiece

Green Puzzle Piece Wall Frame Easy on the Eyes

Green is said to be one of the easiest colors on the eyes. It’s unique to any other color because our eyes actually use green to recognize and actually interpret the other colors in the spectrum. We know that green is calming and this is why each performance hall and theater has a “green room” to relax and calm performer’s nerves. Green Puzzle Piece Wall Frame interlocks with other puzzle piece frames for versatility. Orleans Curtain Fan Insert in sage is a wonderful option for a calming window treatment. Folk Art Dog Pillow features a richer sage hue for rustic appeal.

Folk Art Dog Pillow Orleans Curtains Fan Insert Sage

Many Shades of Green

Lighter greens are correlated with nature while the darker and deeper greens offer symbolism of wealth. Indoor/outdoor capable Green Floral Toss Pillow is made in the USA with a cheerful green color palette and fun floral print. Fern Garden Quilt Collection features soft, calming shades of sage and fern. Green Bunny Pillow offers comfort and charm, by artist Lisa Hilliker.

Green Bunny Pillow
Green Floral Toss Pillow Fern Garden Quilt Collection

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