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Every home needs a great clock. In fact, every room could use one, too. Keep track of the time and add a charming decorative accent to any room with American made clock options available on our website. Versatile designs featuring everything from animals to patriotic imagery will keep you busy as you browse through our selection.
Time For Some History

It has been said that the world clock is ultimately derived from the Celtic words clagan and clocca, meaning ‘bell’. Fun fact: clocks that operate silently, meaning that there are no chimes, bird songs or other indicators of the passing minutes, are commonly referred to as timepieces. Timepieces have been used for centuries to measure the passing of time. The earliest clocks, often in forms similar to sundials, relied on the sun. These clocks are all battery operated so you do not need to worry about them not working once the sun sets.

Family Roots Wall Clock
Family Rules Wall Clock Russell Square Wall Clock

Patriotic Wall Clock Timeless Timepieces

Clocks have been produced in America since the mid 1850’s, if not earlier, reported to have started in Massachusetts. Enhance any room with the timeless appeal of Americana charm. Whether put on display for the Fourth of July or kept up all year long as a tribute to the USA, patriotic pieces will be welcome additions to your current country furnishings. Patriotic Clock showcases a distressed image of our American Flag, overlaid with text reading “Land of the free because of the brave” in appealing white colored font.

Thematic Clocks

Electric clocks have been in use since 1840 when the invention of the dry cell battery made it possible to create a clock that was powered by electricity. Fun fact: the study of time is called horology. You can enjoy the time you spend studying these clocks as they all feature impressive motifs and imagery appealing to any home. Enhance a farmhouse themed kitchen, create a primitive country scene or add a beach-scape look to any room with the options shown here. Unlike the early electric clocks of centuries ago, these will operate longer.

Steamed Crabs Wall Clock
Old Crow Inn Clock Farmers Market Clock

Pinecone Thermometer Clock Outdoor Options

Can you imagine if we still had to tell time with only the advent of sundials or water clocks to aid us? Telling the time outdoors has never been easier with American made options available on our website. With options available that also feature a temperature gauge, it is easy to feel encouraged to spend more time out of doors enjoying your gardening or the company of friends on your porch. Crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum, these options will withstand the tests of, well, you guessed it: time.

Lab Thermometer Clock Acanthus Thermometer Clock

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