New Made in the USA: Americana Candles

Americana decorating is not just for the summer months.  When done well, Americana decor can exude a country, colonial, and simple feel throughout the home.  With the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop selection of Americana candles, made right here in the USA with real clean burning paraffin wax, you just landed one step closer to completing your Americana decor.

Celebrate Americana in Every Room

When looking to create a warm, inviting look and feel at your next gathering, our Americana Candle Jar is sure to do the trick.  Not only does the triple layer of red, white and blue present a festive look, the scents themselves are inspired by classic American desserts; Baked Apple Pie, Vanilla Crème Brulee and Blueberry Muffin.

The khaki colored, paper label boasts the candle’s information in old-fashioned penmanship.

Americana Style With Colonial Charm

To add colonial charm to any room, use our Americana Candle Nightlight to bring that old world feel to your modern decor.

No need to worry about fire with this candle shaped nightlight though, the flame is crafted from silicone, and the warm glow is created by a flickering LED.

Decorative Display or Year Round Use

Traditionally, when joined tapers and votive candles are made, they are hung by the wick to allow the wax to dry.  These clean burning paraffin wax taper candles are no exception.

Crafted with the same technique, these Americana Joined Tapers and Americana Votive Candle String can be displayed over a door handle, on the backs of your chairs, or on a hook in any room of the house.

Finely Crafted From Start To Finish

These Americana Candles, including our Americana LED Flickering Tapers, are handcrafted to resemble real candles with dipped parrafin wax exteriors and exuding wonderful scents that will fill your whole home with the smells of classic American desserts all year long.

Interested in more Americana decor? Take a look at what we have to offer for gift ideas, right here on our site.

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