Decorating with Owls at SYW

Hoot, hoot! On the prowl for owls?  If you take a look around at any home decorating store, you are bound to see owls perched on just about everything.  Whether you are looking to decorate a child’s room with an avian theme, or you are in need of a touch of modern decor in your living room, owls are a perfect touch.  From owl rugs to owl lamps, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has everything that you need to add this wise woodland creature to your home.

Start Small

When beginning to select owl themed pieces for your home, it helps to pick an item that will be small enough to add a touch of woodland charm while blending in with your current decor.  If you love the feel that the owl brings to your rooms, continue to add more owl themed pieces until you have a complete look pulled together.

To start a room off right, we recommend adding a precious lamp finial, like our Ceramic Owl Finial, shown here on the right. Lamp finials are fantastic home accent pieces, and can be added to any lamp in your home.

Light Up the Night

Owls are primarily nocturnal and have fantastic eyesight.  Let these owls show you the way the next time you are ambling about in the middle of the night.

Here on the left we feature our Owl Lamp, a perfect accent lamp for your side table.  The base of the lamp features a petite owl that looks similar to Screech-Owls.

Below, to the left, is our Owl Gourd Lantern.  This lantern is made right here in the USA from a natural dried gourd, and then carved into the desired design.

To continue adding hints of an owl theme, try placing our Metal Owl Night Light (shown bottom right) in your favorite room.

Bringing It All Together

Adding home accents and decorative pieces, such as our Carved Owl Bowl, will easily guide the decor or your room closer to an owl theme. This bowl will even work as a standalone object with your modern decor.

Made to represent the traditional carved wooden treenware of the Colonial Age, this resin bowl will present your shelled nuts or wrapped candy in an easy to access location. Please note, this bowl is not food safe.

Wonderful Wall Art

There is no better way to bring a room’s theme together than with a spectacular and modern statement piece such as our Snowy Owl Wall Panel. The snowy owl, the largest owl by weight in North America, brings even the most basic avian aficionados out for a peek at this regal bird. Adding a vertical sightline to your room will also make your walls appear longer.

Another option, our sweet Saw Whet Owl Print, is made right here in the USA.  The Saw Whet Owl, known for its repeated call that sounds like a saw being sharpened on a whetstone, adds a natural feel to your room.

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