Welcome Backyard Birds with Made in New England Bird Feeders

The spring season is finally upon us and we’re all excited to be spending more time outdoors. Whether your passion is gardening, reading a good book in your hammock or entertaining on the patio, the addition of birds to any backyard scene, surely is a welcomed one. Birds add a liveliness to the environment and bring with them both bright colors and beautiful song. And now you can easily draw them even closer to your home, with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s Website Exclusive assortment of Outdoor Bird Accessories.

All Natural, Solid Bird Seed

Pictured here above is our new Set of 4 Bird Seed Hearts, and below we feature our new Hanging Bird Seed Sunflower. Both products are especially designed to attract more wild birds, consisting of black oil sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn, safflower and nyjer; ‘nyjer’ commonly referred to as thistle, is another tiny black seed.

Here are 3 reasons why birds will love these feeders:

1. Both are made from all natural ingredients, and seeds that are all harvested here in the United States.

2. They will not crumble or melt during rain or heat.

3. Both items are packaged with pine fibers, called excelsior, which can actually be recycled by the birds to use in building a nest nearby.

And 3 reasons why you’ll love them too…

1. As there won’t be any mess for the birds, there won’t be any unwanted mess to worry about all over your grass.

2. They are solid all the way through, and thus will last longer and feed more birds than other feeders.

3. Each item comes ready to hang with an attached ribbon; so there’s no work involved.

Tips for Bird Seed Feeder Placement

If possible, find a nice sunny spot in your backyard that remains out of the wind for most of the day. Birds typically would find comfort in a small brush or on top of a tree branch, so consider placing your feeder only a few feet away from some form of protective cover. Furthermore, you should never put your bird feeder too low, as some little critters (such as squirrels) can jump as high as 10 feet! Lastly, you’ll find yourself spending even more time outdoors trying to witness the variety of birds that will stop by to try your high quality bird seed. So be sure to think about a convenient viewing spot for yourself as well, to enjoy while you’re having your morning coffee.

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