60th Anniversary Celebration: Sturbridge Lantern Lamp History

As part of our 60th Anniversary here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we continue to celebrate by taking a look back at our catalog and company history. In previous blog posts, on our Facebook page, and on the Articles & Tips of our website, you may have seen us discuss various catalog covers or products from our past. Today, we explore the evolution of our Sturbridge Lantern Lamp.

Colonial Wall Lanterns

From the very beginning, Sturbridge has presented some version of a sea lantern style light. Evoking the essence of what was a common lighting source in early Colonial America, these lamps have long complemented other SYW home decor and furnishings. Pictured here to the left is our Shelburne Brass Lantern from a 1979 catalog, and to the right of that we see our Independence Lanterns, sold once in a 1993 catalog. Both of these lanterns hung from the wall and offered unique entryway or hallway lighting. The Shelburne features a candelabra style bulb, with candlestick appearance, inside enclosed glass panes; resembling the interior of our current Sturbridge Lantern Lamp.

Nautical Inspiration

The popularity of this lantern light grew over the years, as it also coordinated well with a nautical and cottage inspired decorating style; a home decor trend highly sought after in the 1990’s. The Beacon Hill Brass Lanterns shown below on the left, continue the theme of “candlelight” inside framed glass panes, to form its distinguishing shape and appeal.

As we skip ahead to 2005, we see the most similar lantern lamp collection to the one we carry today, our American Heritage Lamps; pictured above on the right. Constructed of paned, seeded glass and a solid brass base, it too had a hinged door to assist in enjoying a dual option light source. Available at the time in only brass, Antiqued, or Verdigris, the construction of this lamp eventually evolved into the Sturbridge Lantern Lamp we know it as today.

Our Best-Selling Lamp

Shown here to the right we see our best-selling lamp from our current 2013 assortment. Now available in Brass, Bronze, Red and Verdigris (a much brighter verdigris than offered in 2005), the glass panes are further textured and boast a wooden base instead.

Perhaps you might own one of our past lantern style lamps such as the American Heritage Lamp from a Sturbridge purchase years ago, or maybe you’re considering ordering one of current Sturbridge Lantern Lamps. Here are just some of the reviews shared by customers of this top-rated table lamp:

“I got the large in red and it goes wonderfully with Americana Antiques.” — “Love my lamps. They are each on night stands by the bed.” — “I was able to unpack and set up both lamps in a matter of minutes. They look exactly like the picture, and are beautiful in our bedroom.” — “Thanks to my daughter who said, “just order it,” I am so glad I did. I am very pleased with the quality of the lamp and the lightning speed delivery. I would recommend to family and friends.”

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