What is Verdigris? New Decorative Vases for Spring

Verdigris Finish

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we know our customers have an appreciation for vintage inspired items and antique designs. You may have noticed a similar finish on two new items in the Spring 2013 Catalog. Do you know what verdigris is? Verdigris or “verdi,” refers to the green toned distressing and patina process, which would typically occur naturally to copper material over time. Vert-de-Grece or “Green of Greece,” eventually became verte grez in Old French, and now is pronounced vert-de-gris.

The blueish green pigment was used by artists from the time of Ancient Greece through the Middle Ages, and even up until the end of the 19th century. Today the verdigris style is now sought after for its aesthetics in home decor. Familiar with the Statue of Liberty? When copper is exposed to seawater and other sulfates found in the ocean and air for over 125 years as this Statue has, the copper is barely even visible. Verdigris can range from a bright cyan to deep olive greens. The beautiful shades of green that can occur during this oxidization process, is what makes such pieces so appealing.

Old World Appeal

Pictured above is our unique Verdi Milk Can. Presenting a faux verdi finish, this item could be used as a vase as shown, with our Plum Tree Lights, or as a utensil holder in the kitchen. The ribbed detailing and side handles complete the look, and overall it offers an old world feel to any room.

Boasting the same faux verdi finish, is the Verdi Tin Vase, shown here to the left. It’s tall shape makes it perfect to display a bouquet in the center of a table. Both the Milk Can and Vase are made of 100% tin and come with a plastic liner to protect the piece if adding water for real flowers.

~ Now during our Annual Spring Sale, customers can save $5 each on both the Verdi Milk Can and Verdi Tin Vase.

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