* New Framed Artwork for the Winter Season *

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are always expanding our assortment of beautiful framed prints for you to add to your home decor. We have wall art for all seasons, making it easier to decorate for all months of the year. Here we feature some Winter Themed Prints, new for winter 2013. Learn a little bit about the talented artists as well. Be sure to click on the actual product pages to see the images in greater detail. Let’s take a look below.

Winter Farm Table Seasons Print Dianna Swartz

Pictured here to the left is our new Farm Table Winter Season Print. For those of you who have loved our traditional, five star customer-rated Seasons Print, this print offers an alternative by the very same artist, Dianna Swartz. The handcrafted, framed print reads: “He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”

Artist Dianna Swartz is a well known, self-taught artist, currently living in Ohio. She is admired for her simple approach to depicting scenes from everyday life, in classic folk art style.

Charles Wysocki

Another new print for the winter season, is our Belly Warmers Print. This print, as with all the framed prints featured here, is proudly made in the USA. Warm up on a cold winter’s day with a bowl of 15 cent spicy oyster stew at The Fog Bank Cafe, as this print takes you back to the19th century.

The late artist Charles Wysocki, became famous for his detailed pieces of American folk art, notable farm scenes, and a unique primitive style that was all his own. Appearing in galleries throughout the country, Charles even published two books sharing his work.

Belly Warmers Print

Big Wheel Print Dan Campanelli

A new artist for Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, presents a quiet moment by an old red barn and watermill in our Big Wheel Print. You can almost feel the crisp, cool winter air, as the icy stream is painted with the likeness of a real photograph. This print is matted in cream and set under glass.

Artist Dan Campanelli is respected for his achievement in watercolor landscapes and an appreciation for the ‘traditional American aesthetic.’ He has been involved in the fine art world since the late 1960’s.

Eric Mohn

Snow falls over the almost deserted homestead in our Evening Ride Print, pictured here to the right. A horse-drawn buggy carriage awaits out front of an old stone farm house on this cold winter’s night. The original paint medium of watercolor, allows for blending and natural shading to occur.

The late artist Eric Mohn, was injured in an accident in his early life, but remained determined to share his passion for art with the world. Eric impressively learned to make precise brush strokes with a paint brush, he held with his mouth.

Evening Ride Print

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