~* Decorating with Witches this Halloween

It’s hard to believe the Halloween holiday is only a month and a half away. Have you started thinking about how you will decorate your home for Halloween this year? There are many ways to go about dressing up your home this time of year, but a good place to begin is with a specific theme. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we suggest choosing from the variety of our witch decor, to showcase one of the most classic characters of the season.

From fun folk art collectibles to quality witch themed wall decor, these spooky ladies will be some of the favored decorations this year. Join in the fun and let our witches cast a spell on you, beginning with the new for fall 2012, Witch’s Hat Decorative, shown here to the left. Adorned with a tan gauze tie and a metal star, this Witch’s Hat is weighted to stay upright. Display the hat on a bench, stool or even in a bedroom, for an unexpected accent that will make you feel as though you too, have an unexpected guest this holiday.

Did you know the most common understanding of Halloween’s origin is that it derived from a Gaelic harvest festival, called Samhain? The Samhain festival, also known as the “Celtic New Year,” marked the end of harvest, “the light half” of the year. The October 31st to November 1st timeline, corresponded with the Catholic All Saints Day (Nov. 1st), later referred to as ”All Souls Day’ or “All Hallows Day.” The two events were then associated with one another and thus the night before, was called “All Hallows Eve.” A night where after sundown, the veil between the living and spirit world is said to be lifted. This window of time has become synonymous with witches, for their practice of witchcraft and enchanting spells.

Xanzabelle the Witch Soft Sculpture, pictured here to the left is ready to cast a spell on you and your guests this season with her green star wand. A new soft sculpture designed by artist Joe Spencer, with painted facial features and delightful Halloween details. Xanzabelle is a decorative witch to display on a bench, chair, or staircase of your home. Large green eyes and pressed together, tiny red lips add to her charm.

Another witch sculpture, this time crafted of resin, is new from artist Lori Mitchell. Our Trixie Halloween Sculpture is a cute little witch that’s ready for a night of trick-or-treating with her candy bucket. She even has a handheld mask to put over her face as she goes door-to-door. Accented by her black string hair, Trixie wears an orange and black costume, suitable attire for all Halloween decor. Collect all of Lori Mitchell’s Halloween sculptures for a real treat this season.

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we’re proud to have such a fine selection of witch themed items for your Halloween decorating needs. To see more Witchy Decorating ideas, click: Here.

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