Get Ready for Apple Season with the Right Kitchen Tools

Apple trees were likely one of the first trees to ever be cultivated for mass consumption and have been perfected over time. Improved by the process of selection throughout our history, the apple today looks very different than it once did. We find origins of the apple in both Asia and Europe, and also as a significant part of both religious references and Greek mythology. This popular, sweet fruit has taken on many forms and today, is grown in over 7000 different varieties. So whether you like the tart, green Granny Smiths or the juicy, Red Delicious apples, there’s a reason you love apples and the yummy desserts that they star in. And at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have a few new kitchen tools that will assist you in making your apple treats this fall.

Pictured above is our Red Apple Master. Making your famous apple pies will never be a daunting process ever again, with this unique kitchen tool. It’s capable of three separate functions: paring, coring, and slicing; all with a stay-sharp, deluxe stainless steel blade. A vacuum base easily clamps and holds the Red Apple Master securely to any smooth table surface. The frame is made of painted red, tool-grade cast aluminum with easy to use black handle. In addition to apples, you may consider using for potatoes and pears.
After you’ve finished baking your pies, crisps, breads and muffins, what do to with the last few apples? Consider making an apple juice, jelly or sauce with our Sauce Master Food Strainer. Shown here to the left, the all-in-one sauce master, could become the only strainer you’ll ever need for your vegetables sauces, fruit jams and purees. It easily forces food through a chrome-plated steel screen, which automatically separates the juice and pulp in one easy operation. Including a standard fine mesh screen, standard spiral, as well as a helpful recipe and instruction booklet. The body of the strainer is crafted of white painted steel and has a capacity of up to 3 quarts.

The Jelly Strainer Stand would be another straining option for your kitchen, with it’s steel legs and hooked feet that bend to fit different sized bowls and pans. If you’re not one to spend time in the kitchen making scrumptious apple pies this upcoming fall season, perhaps a friend or family member would appreciate these tools as a thoughtful gift. Sometimes a great kitchen tool is all you need to lift your spirits, as well as save you time.

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