~An Autumn Moon with Artist Billy Jacobs

Today we feature artist Billy Jacobs, original painter of our new for fall 2012 Autumn Moon Print, shown here to the left. Billy Jacobs is a highly established artist of the 21st century, now living in Navarre, Ohio with his wife and daughter. Billy was born in Detroit, however spent most of his life growing up in Ohio with his four older sisters and one younger brother. Creative from the very beginning, he is a self-taught artist who has many artistic ventures to keep him busy.

After working for over 20 years in the craft and gift industry, he came to know a thing or two about folk art style. Billy uses a variety of paint mediums currently, and even has worked with digital forums. In addition to being a great artist, he also tries his had at designing imaginative fonts, songwriting, and even spends some of his time as an amateur puppeteer. Inspired perhaps by his early years growing up in Stark County, Ohio, we see a rural country theme amongst his artwork. His paintings are beautifully detailed, and the colors he uses are both primitive and realistic; resulting in a soon to be cherished, framed print for your home.

In the Autumn Moon Print, a full moon hovers above a stone farmhouse and shines shadows through the now bare trees, drawing our eyes to the deserted pumpkin patch in the foreground. Artist Billy Jacobs captures the mood perfectly on this All-Hallows Eve. Set in a black wood frame with a thin natural wood detail, under glass and proudly made here in the USA. While more of a serious a tone than some of his other work, such as our Bacon & Eggs Print, the new print pictured above is the perfect piece of wall decor for the upcoming harvest and Halloween season.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Billy Jacob’s life and his art here, at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Click below to find more prints by this talented man, presenting landscapes of snowy winters and other farm scenes.

More Prints by Billy Jacobs

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