~Add Sunshine to your Decor with Sunflowers

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have many decorating themes that are suitable for a variety of decor styles in you home. With the launch of our annual fall lighting sale this past week, there is one light in particular that has caught the eye of many. Our Sunflower Night Light, pictured here to the left is now on sale for only $24.95. Designed by John Solomon, this beautiful night light is cast from bonded marble and meticulously hand painted. We suggest this blooming light in a kitchen or bathroom. And with that said, we share a few ideas on how you can decorate with sunflowers this season. For more night lights click Here.

With August just around the corner, sunflowers are one flower that make the transition from summer into autumn an easier one. Sunflowers are native to the Americas and were actually seen as far back as 2600 B.C. in what is now, present day Mexico. The name was derived from the sunflower’s very obvious, bright yellow flower that resembles none other than the ’sun.’ In the 16th century, seeds were brought to Europe and the use of sunflower oil became quite common in cooking; a technique that of course is still widely used today. Traditionally, the Native Americans would line the edges of their field with sunflowers as a way to “guard” their other three precious crops of the time: beans, corn and squash. In addition to the use of sunflower oil, which is extracted from the seeds, the seeds themselves have become a well-known snack, by simply roasting them in an oven and sprinkling with a little salt.

Shown here to the left is another popular SYW item, our striking Sunflower Pillow. Showing off a close-up look of a golden sunflower, this 100% hand hooked wool pillow is a must have for both summer and early harvest decorating. Featuring a cream, cotton velvet back with zipper closure, this square accent pillow looks great on a bench, couch, favorite chair or even on your bed. Coordinate with our Sunflower Hooked Chair Pad for a cohesive look in an entryway, dining room or kitchen environment. The wool pillow and chair pad are charming country additions to your decor that will make your home feel warm and inviting. This fall, save on this chair pad purchase when you buy 2 or more, for only $19.95 each. Fore more sunflower ideas from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, click here.

Perhaps you grow your own, but if not, stop by your local florist or farmers’ market for a small bouquet of sunflowers to harmonize your sunflower themed environment. You don’t need many to make an impactful table centerpiece or bedside table accent.

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