Celebrate Family & Be Inspired by Artist Bonnie Mohr

In honor of both Family Month and Family Wellness Month (celebrated from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day), we share with you artwork that will inspire you and your family to achieve great things. Encouraging words and insightful messages offer a positive tone to your home environment; reminding us what really is important in life: spending time with the ones we love.¬†At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are pleased to carry the artwork shown below, by rural Americana artist Bonnie L. Mohr.

One of Bonnie’s most noteworthy paintings is seen here to the left in our Living Life Print. We see a large stand alone tree that in its context represents the Tree of Life. Bonnie lists a few life lessons such as: “Life is not a race – but indeed a journey. Be Honest. Work Hard. Be Choosy. Say thank you, and great job to someone each day.” The original sketch of Living Life, was actually done along the high, side walls of her newly renovated studio as a message of encouragement and teachings she hoped to give her children before leaving home. Her customers liked it so much, that it soon went into production for all to see.

Bonnie Mohr was raised in a large family, being the 2nd oldest out of 8 children. There was plenty of room though, as they grew up on a dairy farm and all shared the daily tasks of farm life. Bonnie knows that the experience and hard work she gained during her upbringing, in combination with the values instilled in her by her parents, helped shape who she is today. What she refers to as “pure country living” is something she has carried over into her own family values on what is currently, the Mohr Family Farm in rural Glencoe, Minnesota. Her husband John, a dairy farmer as well, and Bonnie have five children together. Glencoe is also the home of the Bonnie Mohr Studio, where she paints daily and also has a gallery for people to come visit.

Another beautifully painted, rural country scene by this artist is pictured here to the left. Our Living Today Print features a long, dirt covered road along the countryside. Met by a tiny mailbox, a farm further down to the right and lined with utility poles. Rustic undertones of cream, brown, green and orange give detail to the fore, middle and background of this textured print. Bonnie’s inspirational message here, begins with the phrase: “Today is a gift. Embrace it with joy and anticipation…realize the possibilities.” Continuing on to remind us, “live in the present and appreciate things you might otherwise miss.”

Both of these prints offered at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop are highlighted by a gorgeous brown frame, with distressed brass finish and wire hanger; proudly made in the USA. Give as gift to a loved one or hang in a prominent wall in your home for all your family to see.

~ My work is a reflection of who I am, and what I believe. It is simple, and it is truthful! It defines moments, places, and things in life that are good, pure and right. I believe that if you engage your life and everything you believe in whole-heartedly, with conviction, passion and love…..everything else will fall into place.

– Bonnie L. Mohr

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