Artist Profile: Pam Britton

With the launch of our Summer 2012 Catalog, brings the launch of many new products. For summer, that meant a focus on made in the USA items, in order to support local craftsman and artists alike. In today’s blog we will feature 2 new, made in the USA prints and get acquainted with artist Pam Britton.

Pictured here to the left is our Caleb’s Sunflower Barn Print, by Maine artist Pam Britton. Pam, originally from Colorado, spent a lot of time traveling around the country with her family growing up. After settling in Texas, Pam began exploring her talents as an artist. Experimenting with craft painting, she also worked with adorning her art on wooden accent pieces and muslin pillows. However, after a few years of vacationing in New England with her husband Ken, she was quickly intrigued by what the east coast had to offer.

They decided to “take a leap” as Pam says, and move to the area of Downeast Maine. Feeling quite relaxed and far removed from the hustle and bustle of other places she had lived in the past, this is where she could really begin concentrate on her art. The region of Downeast Maine runs along the mid-coast line of the state; providing the perfect backdrop to inspire artists like Pam Britton. The natural beauty that is Maine, helped Pam’s true talent shine. She often pays tribute in her work to specific, local landmarks in the area. Pam was even commissioned by her now home town, Cutler, to create their town’s welcome sign. In regards to this privilege Pam states, “I was extremely honored to be chosen to design and paint the new sign that expresses the historical significance of the lighthouse to the community.” Check out the sign here: Cuter Town Sign

Seen here to the left is another beautiful framed print by the artist, our Zeb’s Flower Barn Print. While the above print focuses on selling mainly sunflowers at the barn, Zeb’s barn features a wider variety of flowers and seeds for sale. Both prints are highlighted by a textured finish and are set in a distressed, black wood frame. The colors and shading are reminiscent of a lazy, late summer’s day. Display together for an inviting focal point on your walls, in any room of the home. Proudly made here in the USA, these flower barn prints are welcomed additions to the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop collection of framed prints and wall art.

~ “I have to credit my mother and my husband, to whom I’ve been happily married 40 years, for giving me the encouragement and advice and downright physical help to succeed over the years, and especially now in Downeast Maine.” – Pam Britton

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