A Look at Teak Furniture

What is Teak Exactly?

Teak is a hardwood. Containing silica (silicon and oxygen or SiO2), the wood can dull most sharp ends but luckily isn’t so dense that it’s impossible to work with. One of the greatest features of teak wood, is its natural oils. The oils allow the furniture to be exposed to the elements with little to no help from staining or coats of varnish; this also makes the wood pest and termite resistant. It’s an amazingly hard and nature resistant wood — making it the perfect medium to create outdoor furniture.

In the damp soils of the deep hardwood forests of Indonesia, China, and Myanmar, tall rod-like trees peak their rounded leaves above the canopy. The tree’s trunks look bundled together as if they are working together and seem to bind themselves in order to reach the nutrient rich sunlight and continue to grow. These stalks of the lush forest are known as Teak.

Our Teak Outdoor Furniture

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we know you don’t want to buy new patio and backyard furniture every single year. You would like to purchase good quality furniture without the worry of wear or staining each season. That is why we’re pleased to carry an assortment of Teak furniture, exclusively on our website. Seen above is our Teak Folding Chair, which comes as a lovely set of two. As with all of the furniture pieces mentioned here, it is made of  grade A , plantation grown Teak that is kiln dried to reduce the moisture in the wood. The chair folds easily, making the chair extremely portable. Its design ergonomically supports your back for a comfortable seat outdoors.

Pictured here to the left is our Teak 18″ Round Table. Presenting the same clean lines as our set of two chairs, this round table is ideal for smaller patio spaces or decks. In addition to the product specifications mentioned above, our Teak furniture is formed through the use of both mortise and tenon joinery for a durable construction. (Mortise and tenon joinery is a technique used for centuries by skilled woodworkers; connecting wood at 90° angles that allows for simplicity and strength). Any hardware, or bolts that you see are solid brass.

~ To see more of our beautifully crafted Teak furniture pieces and other outdoor furniture for your spring and summer enjoyment, click here: Outdoor Furniture.

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