~Springtime Bunny Collectibles – New at SYW

Spring is just around the corner and with that brings spring decorating! A highlight of the spring season for many, is decorating their home for the Easter holiday. And when we think Easter decor at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, it’s all about the bunnies! These collectible bunny sculptures are dressed for the occasion, though for any rabbit, hare, or wee bunny lover, they are perfect to display on a mantle or side table year round.

Introducing Pierre Hare, featured here to the left. Pierre is dressed for the occasion with his Easter best attire; a purple and pink plaid vest and bright purple neck tie. He carries a basket filled with fresh, ready to eat carrots to bring to the big dinner. Wide eyed and bushy tailed, Pierre makes an excellent pairing with his dear friend Phoebe Hare (also new this season). Phoebe wears a pink and purple polka-dot skirt with a cheery yellow top and purple handkerchief. Also shown with carrots in hand, both bunny sculptures are originally handcrafted by the artist and designer Lori Mitchell.

Perhaps you might be aware of Lori’s artistic talent as she has shared numerous collectible figurines with us over the years, though mentioned here are her designs that are appropriate for this season. Lori Mitchell was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Lori has always been inspired by children’s themes and literature, old illustrations and toys. In 1999 she began making her first paper-mache pieces for the folk art world and has never looked back.

Another new bunny collectible offered this spring, is our pair of adorable Wee Bunnies, pictured here to the left. This adorable bunny pair is ready for Easter dinner with their bright orange carrots made from pipe cleaners. The female bunny wears a textured pink dress and the male bunny wears a textured yellow handkerchief around his neck. Standing on a bed of bright green grass, these sweet little bunnies would love a spot on your side table or mantle this year. And of course their ears and mouths are painted the most cheerful of pinks. Crafted from resin like the other friendly bunnies displayed here, the original was produced by designer Corbin Wind.

Corbin Wind had an interest in artistic ventures from a very early age. She always enjoyed using her imagination to create characters and stories that represented familiar human characteristics in every day life. Her designs today offer a bit of whimsy and colorful charm; as seen with most of our talented of folk artists. A graduate of Ohio University, this self-taught artist continues to reach for her dreams.

~P.S. All the bunny sculptures presented in this article are now on sale during Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s Annual Spring Sale!

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