Decorative Pet Pillows & Artist Robert McClintock

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a new selection of made in the USA decorative pillows that pet lovers everywhere will surely adore. Seen here to the left is our Jack Russell Puppy Pillow; which beautifully captures this Jack Russell Terrier pup’s true character. The canvas art transfer showcases amazing details in color and shading achieved from the textured brush strokes in the original work by artist and photographer Robert McClintock.

The dog’s short haired body, one floppy brown ear and bold brown eyes make him appear extremely life like. A deep golden yellow and barn red background design contrasts nicely with his crisp white coat. If the Jack Russell isn’t your preferred breed, consider our Black Lab Pillow, displaying a Black Lab who presents himself in a bright blue as interpreted by the artist. Both pillows are crafted of a poly-cotton blend (creating a canvas-like feel) and again are proudly made right here in the USA. In addition, each pillow features Robert McClintock’s signature from the original print in the bottom corner; adding to its artistic appeal.

Pictured here to the left is another Robert McClintock original design. Our Yellow Kitty Pillow features a sleepy kitty lounging in a study with a bookcase filled with many books behind her. The bright orange offers a nice contrast with the darker shaded sections of her body. Her attention grabbing eyes are presented in an exquisite display of one green and one yellow. How are these distinctively realistic pillows created? Photographer and artist Robert McClintock produces his images through a process called Photo Digital Illustration. He paints and adds color directly to his photographs and forms the final product through a computer program; though the images are not computer generated in any way.

Robert originally began using digital photos with the emergence of the digital camera around 1996. He always had an interest in photography and the arts; while growing up in Vermont, he was inspired by his talented and creative parents and often traveled to New York City to expand upon his curiosities. After living and working in different areas of the country and exploring different forums in which to express his unique style of photography (such as Polaroid Art and commercial advertising), Robert eventually settled in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2002 the opening of a small studio and gallery felt like home for the artist. This is where his well known cat and dog images first made their appearance. The attention to detail he is able to achieve is clearly attributed to his natural passion for animals.  In regards to his love for dogs, “they have one mission in life which is to make humans smile, ” he says.

Robert’s work is currently on display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Boston’s Photographic Resource Center (PRC) in the American Perspectives Exhibit. Today he continues to reside in the Baltimore area with his wife Sue and their four cats.

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