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Owls have become a fascinating decor trend over the last year or so, after not seeing any time in the spotlight since the 1970’s. Using owls within your home decorating is a wise choice because it offers both a modern and natural appeal. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a nice selection of owl themed decoratives, like our Small Owl Figurine, seen here to the left. Petite in size, this owl is perfect to display on a mantle or side table. It has the look of wood that was carefully carved and painted years ago. Its classic good looks make it a collectible that will be treasured today and for years to come.

Owls are nocturnal birds that carry with them a lot of symbolism. In addition to their amazing hunting skills due to their heightened sense of vision and hearing, they also are known to be one of the most intelligent animal species out there. Thus, this is why they have become synonymous with knowledge and wisdom. Their wits are surely proven when analyzing their remarkable ability to adapt to environmental surroundings and seek out prey. Owls have stereoscopic vision meaning they can interpret depth and perceive it even in low light. Drawing inspiration from these gifted birds, you can easily incorporate an owl decorating theme with any of the items featured here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Owl themed wall decor offers a great place to start and pictured here to the left is our Boreal Owl Print. Displaying a striking Boreal Owl clenching tightly to a branch of green leaves, this print is created by artist and designer Lyndi Lende. Boreal Owls are smaller than many other types of owls and are known for their large heads and “surprised” facial expressions. We can see this owl come to life with the exquisitely painted texture and shading throughout the owl’s feathers. A similar item at SYW made by the same artist, is our Saw Whet Owl Print. Featuring now a Saw Whet Owl, who is known for its repeated “tooting” call that mimics the sound of a saw being sharpened on a whetstone. Both of these owl prints are proudly made in the USA.

As mentioned above the Boreal Owl is typically one of the smallest types of owls, but the very tiniest of owls are the Tamaulipas Pygmy Owls who stand at only 4.5″ tall. In contrast, the largest type of owl is generally understood to be the Eurasian Eagle Owl, measuring up to 28″ tall; and of course its Eagle like wing span adds to its grand presence. Within the order of owls, both small and large owls are classified into two families: Tytonidae (Barn Owls and similar) and Strigidae (typical owls found on every continent besides Antarctica).  At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have our own set of tiny owls to use as decorative accents in your home.

To begin, our Owl Salt & Pepper Set, could make the perfect gift for the right collector. Our ceramic, earthenware Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers are a pair of baby owls that will be delighted to greet you in your country kitchen. These owlets as they are properly named (baby owls), are complete with plastic stoppers on the bottoms to secure the contents of your salt and pepper. Or, consider our Ceramic Owl Finial for the perfect accent on your favorite table or floor lamp. We also have just one more tiny owl accent, our Owl Fan Pull made of brass.

When it comes to slightly softer owls, Sturbridge has you covered in regards to an owl theme within your domestics. An owl’s plumage or the fur/feathers that cover nearly ever inch of its body, helps in their ability to camouflage within their surroundings. For example the Snowy Owls that live in tundra like environments such as Canada, can appear as white as the snow and remain undetected. This characteristic assists them in remaining completely dormant until they are ready to capture their prey. Even further, owls fly completely silent (making no detectable noise) to sneak up on rodents or other small mammals.

Our Owl Wool Pillow seen here to the left, is set against a cream background and features a stern owl perched on a tree. The detail accomplished by the wool hook technique, highlights the shading in his brown feathers and golden eyes. The colors are neutral enough though to coordinate with your existing decor. 100% wool, cream velvet back with zipper. Another option regarding owl themes in your domestics is found in our Owl Jute Rug. Give a hoot with this braided jute rug in shades of tan, rust and orange with an enchanting owl printed on the center. Our Owl Jute Rug is durable and water repellant.

Whether its owl accents in your living room or an owl print in your bedroom, the owl decor theme is here to stay! You may only think of owls during the harvest and Halloween season, as they are often depicted, but they are a beautiful bird to decorate with year round. Despite the many challenges they face during the winter months due to cold weather and  decrease in the abundance of their food sources, it’s actually the peak of their breeding season. This is a great opportunity to incorporate the motif of an owl’s nest in your decor as well; did you know baby owls hatch from their eggs after only a little over a month of incubation?

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