Meet our Family: Joey R.

Time to meet another fabulous employee here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop: Joey R. Joey has worked with us for almost 26 years! Thank you Joey for your dedicated work and commitment over the years!

SYW: Could you describe your position here at SYW?

Joey: Yes, I am the Inventory Buyer. This means that I am in charge of interpreting daily inventory levels in our warehouse, projecting ahead for future purchase orders and reordering products before they go out of stock. I do this by analyzing daily reports and communicating with various vendors to ensure shipments are here on time. I am in constant contact with the customer service department as well, in regards to daily needs of customers. I also assist both the catalog and website buyers, in assessing product availability and discussing items that will/won’t sell well with our customer base.

SYW: Have you always worked as the Inventory Buyer?

Joey: Actually no. I have been in my current role for about the last 15 years. Prior to that I worked in a few different departments. I assisted with drop ship orders (drop ship means items that are shipped directly from our vendors; typically this includes some of our heavier furniture pieces). Then customer service, which I feel gave me plenty of  knowledge and experience for my daily work now. Before that, I actually helped with the mail orders, back when there were a lot of mail orders! (you know, page 28 in the catalog) There would be stacks and stacks that I would help to open and receive, though now we get very few orders that way; mostly through our website ( or phone orders.

SYW: Now what is this I hear about you making gourmet fudge?

Joey: Hah, well yes back in the day we actually sold fudge in our catalog…and the lucky person making that delicious chocolate and peanut butter fudge was me, right here in our staff lounge/kitchen! It was quite successful and I enjoyed the challenge.

SYW: What is it you most enjoy about working at SYW?

Joey: I enjoy a lot about the environment here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Firstly though, I enjoy the daily challenge of contacting our very important vendors and developing a relationship with them. It’s very important to have a strong report with the vendors so they understand our needs and will thus better serve the needs of our customers. Secondly, Sturbridge is like a family to me. We are a close group and it has made working here very satisfying.

SYW: Do you enjoy living here in ‘the great state of Maine’?

Joey: I sure do, I have lived here my entire life and wouldn’t change a thing. I am blessed to have the majority of my family here in the area, in addition to my work family of course. :) I love fall here too… my favorite is the crisp air and change of color in the leaves.

SYW: Tell us about your lovely family.

Joey: Well, there’s my husband Bill (married 40 years this August!) and our three children. The oldest Debbie, works as an instrumental music teacher down in New Mexico; the middle child is our second daughter Karrie, who lives here in Maine and works as a special education teacher; and our son Todd, also an instrumental music teacher, lives in Massachusetts.

SYW: Wow, that’s a lot of musically gifted individuals in your family. Where do they get their talent from?

Joey: Well, it’s not from me…I play the radio! They get it from their father’s side as their grandmother played the piano beautifully. Though we always were a musical household. Music is a great way to express how good you feel. I even helped found the band boosters program at Biddeford Middle School. While my children were in school it was great to be apart of the band practices, performances and competitions. We went to every one and supported all the children involved. This was a very rewarding experience.

SYW: What do you do in your spare time/on the weekends?

Joey: I enjoy cooking, especially chowders and soups…perfect for this time of year. As a hobby I enjoy needlepoint work and have given beautiful needlepoint creations to family and friends over the years. Mostly though I like relaxing on the weekends, playing computer games and the company of my grandchildren when they come over to visit.

~Thanks for the interview Joey!

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2 Responses to “Meet our Family: Joey R.”

  1. Tammy Clegg says:

    It was a pleasure to read your article about Joey!! She is a wonderful loving and caring person. She warms the room as she walks into it. I have known Joey for 29 years, however she has known me for 46 years. She is dear to my heart. To know her is to love her. Joey always has time for everyone. She is true inside and out, meaning Joey does not pretend to be someone she is not. Congratulations on being a fabulous employee of nearly 26 years. Tammy Clegg

  2. Roger Rheault says:

    Your mom @ dad would be very proud.

    Your dad was a real good man whose smile

    and sense of humor I miss.

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