The Beauty & Serenity of Decorating with Green

A New Awakening

Green is currently a very popular decorating color. Whether it’s a painted green room or green accents throughout your entire home, green is an extremely versatile color as you will see below. Green is a color that comes to mind when “thinking spring” because when plants, flowers and trees begin or continue to grow, spring is a time for that rebirth and rejuvenation to occur. This refreshing feeling can be carried over to the decor in your home with the use of green.

With tomorrow marking the first official day of winter, having some green with the feeling of spring inside your home, might be just the thing to get you through the cold days and nights to come. Awaken any room with our Potted Rosemary Candle, seen here to the left. Made in the USA, a design of pretty green topiaries is featured on the jar. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that has been used for centuries in teas, cooking, and potpourri; today it is one of the most popular herbal scents for candles.

Symbolic of Nature

As mentioned above green represents the health and beauty of the earth and thus all nature itself. Highlight the splendor of all things natural with our Botanical Fern Print Set, seen here to the right. Originally painted in 1850 by Edward Lowe, these reproductions give the look of pressed ferns. Choose your favorite or consider the whole set and save. They are placed in a distressed black frame, made in the USA. Another green gem in our wall decor department is none other than our Green Rabbit Print by artist Lisa Hilliker. This print will offer a a focal point of green in any room.

If you enjoy the appeal of the fern prints, at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have just the thing! Our Fern Quilt Collection has all the beauty of a walk in the Maine woods. Featuring vermicelli stitching amongst various shades of green ferns, it will be spring time year round in your bedroom. Coordinate with our Hooked Leaf Pillow for a cohesive green fern themed look.

Easy on the Eyes

Green is said to be one of the easiest colors on the eyes; unique to any other color because our eyes actually rest upon or recognize green to actually interpret the other colors. Therefore green can also improve your vision! We know that green is calming and that is why purposely, before people are brought onto a live television set, they are often put in a green room to relax and calm their nerves.

Featured here to the left, another fabulous green item from Sturbridge is our Country Classic Lamp; shown in here a bold Hunter Green. This darker green is often associated with masculinity.


The Many Shades of Green

Seen here to the right is the close up detail of our new Montego Braided Rug While this rug comes in many colors, here we feature the fun and vibrant Lime Twist color. This brighter hue of green is commonly related to spring but goes even further to represent grass and outdoor activity. That’s perfect because our Montego Rug is made of 100% polypropylene, making it suitable for an outdoor patio or other living space.

The many shades and hues of green are what has made this color a widespread, gender neutral color. The lighter and softer greens are correlated with nature and spring as seen above, while the darker and deeper greens are understood more conservatively with a symbolism of wealth. Money is referred to simply as “green” many times and perhaps painting a room or your entire house in this color will bring a serious of good fortune and luck. Brose our entire website for more green decor ideas at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop today.

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