Milkhouse Creamery & Infused Beeswax Candles

Milkhouse Candle Creamery is one of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s many, proudly made in the USA vendors, located in Osage, Iowa. Milkhouse Creamery offers a blend of natural soy wax and pure beeswax to create their delicious smelling candles; and we do mean delicious! These cleaner and healthier burning candles come in an array of scents including Barn Dance: A masculine tribute to the rural life with deep notes of rich cologne and pipe tobacco, or Cappuccino Brulee: A full-bodied espresso with a sweet cream topped with rich brown sugar crust, or Gingerbread Pumpkin: Rich spiced gingerbread baked with generous amounts of fresh pumpkin; just to mention a few top favorites.

Milkhouse Creamery provides primitive and rustic country inspired candle jars and containers that help instill the feeling of at home, in the kitchen candle making. Other features that make these candles entirely eco-friendly are the lead-free cotton wicks, as well as the omission of all unnatural dyes. The jars themselves are actually made from recyclable glass too. With all of these factors considered, Milkhouse candles are positively the best candles for those with allergies, environmental sensitivities and those wishing to support a green initiative.

Reusable Jars

Pictured here to the left is our Farmhouse Jar Candle; boasting a more traditional candle jar look. This vintage style jar, reminiscent of a cookie jar, is a 12 ounce candle with a black metal lid and 70 hours of average clean burning time. Another option is our Milk Bottle Candle Jar; which offers a nod to nostalgia and the days of milk delivery. Adorable bottle and complete with paper top, this jar holds 8 ounces and has about 50 hours of average burn time, making it an appropriate gift size. Or, at Sturbridge we also offer Milkhouse Creamery’s Pint Butter Jar Candle. This candle jar option holds 16 ounces and has a black metal strap handle with 100 hours of burn time. All of these cute, collectible candle jars offer a multitude of uses when burning is complete. Clean out remaining wax residue and use jars to store sugar, jams or jellies, nuts, candy or whatever else you can think of! You could even use any of these jars as a decor piece filled with potpourri or other decorative fillers on a side table or mantle.

Unique Gifts

New for the holiday 2011 season, our unique Candle Baker is seen here to the left. This six wick candle sits in a black stoneware crock with an engraved solid wood lid. After 130 hours of average burn time is complete, this is when the real magic happens. The 32oz crock is now a lovely baking dish! Perfectly used in an oven, dishwasher or microwave oven, our Candle Baker is entirely food safe. As with our other Milkhouse Creamery candle jars, this one is offered in a variety of scents, including a seasonal favorite Apple Strudel: Fresh apples baked with juicy raisins in a fragrant blend of spice topped with a buttery crumb strudel; this will take you right back to grandma’s kitchen on baking day. For a complete list of other scents offered, click here.

Candles like the ones offered from Milkhouse Creamery are the perfect gift to give and enjoy throughout the entire year because they have scents to fit every occasion. You may consider any of these candles for the perfect birthday gift or teacher appreciation gift in the upcoming months.

For more Candle & Scents gift ideas, visit Sturbridge Yankee Workshop today.


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