Meet our Family: Phil G.

Let’s meet Phil G. another fabulous employee at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

SYW: Explain what your role is here at Sturbridge.

Phil: I’m a member of the customer service team and I also assist with the web department. (You may have seen Phil’s facebook posts, sharing various customer comments and his “pick of the day.”)

SYW: How long have you worked here?

Phil: I have worked part time since 1997. You name it I’ve done it, over the years I have worked in practically all departments and even have spent time assisting in the warehouse! I enjoy switching up what I’m doing on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m working on data entry and other times I’m speaking with customers; it’s a good mix.

SYW: What is it you most enjoy about working here?

Phil: I love customer service and have worked in the industry over the last 30 years or so. I enjoy helping customers in the selection of their products and hearing their comments, questions or concerns. Sturbridge is just like family, a second home.

SYW: How do you feel about living in Maine?

Phil: I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and came to Maine once for a summer camp. I instantly fell in love with it. I had a job opportunity that led me to the Portland area in the ’80’s and knew I had to make this my home. Even after traveling and working in other areas of the US, this is where I want to be.

SYW: After working here for so many years, you must have collected some great SYW products, what would be your favorite if you had to choose?

Phil: Well, let’s just say if you came to my condo it would be like p.23 from the catalog, for example..haha…but if I were to narrow it down, I love any of the cat prints I own. Another favorite print is the Balloons Print. Oh and of course I can’t forget my Drop Leaf Table and Windsor Chairs in my dining room.

SYW: What makes your home, a “home”?

Phil: Did I mention I love cats? I have two, Addison and Cassy. Addison, a male is named after Addison, TX and Cassy, a female is named after Casco Bay here in Portland.

SYW: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time and on the weekends? Do you have any hobbies?

Phil: Yes, well I enjoy playing the guitar very much. American songwriter, singer and guitarist, the late John Stewart is my inspiration and when I have free time I am usually paying tribute to him through playing and practicing his music. I also go to the gym. Work is also a passion for me, if you enjoy what you do, you don’t really have to “work” anymore.

SYW: Any other interesting facts about yourself you would like to share with our fans today?

Phil: I love Buffalo, NY. I have an older brother there and when I go to visit we always have a great time. I love the wings, the people and the Beef on Weck sandwiches.

Fellow employees say, when speaking of  Phil:  “He’s a real team player.”  “A true people person.”  “Phil is so caring and he’d give you the shirt off his back, he’s just that kind of person.”

~Thank you Phil for your 14 years of employment here at Sturbridge and thanks for the interview!





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