A Symbol of Hospitality – The Pineapple

The pineapple has long been considered a symbol of welcome and hospitality. According to legend, the symbol began with the sea captains of New England who would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside their home to let the community know of their safe return home and to invite friends to visit and share their hospitality. This decorative fruit symbolizes a centuries-old tradition of elegance and gracious generosity. The colonies were a land of small, primitive towns and settlements where homes served as the hubs of most community activity. Visiting was the primary means of entertainment, cultural interaction and news dissemination.

The concept of hospitality, the warmth, charm and style with which guests were taken into the home, was a central element of the early society’s daily emotional life. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are proud to have such a wide variety of pineapple themed decor, so that you too can have an inviting reception to your home. Consider the pineapple for the star of your upcoming holiday party, it will be sweet tasting and an interesting conversation piece.

Our Pineapple Tabletop Votive seen here to the left, is a gorgeous candle pineapple shaped holder, including a glass votive holder for evening candlelight. Features a durable graphite powder-coat finish on the metal to protect it from harmful weather elements. Another outdoor pineapple decor option is our Pineapple Thermometer Clock. This versatile garden decoration can tell the time and the temperature in one beautiful design. The deep rich bronze background and copper-colored numbers make it easy to read. Made from durable, rust-free, recycled aluminum, this is perfect for an environmentally conscious person.

While fruits in general–fresh, dried, candied and jellied–were the major attractions of the colonial community’s appetite and dining practices, the pineapple was the true celebrity. Its rarity, expense, reputation and striking visual attractiveness made it the ultimate exotic fruit. It was the pineapple that came to literally crown the most important feasts; often held aloft on special pedestals as the pinnacle of the table’s central food mound. In this manner, the fruit which was the visual keystone of the feast naturally came to symbolize the high spirits of the social events themselves; the image of the pineapple coming to express the sense of welcome, good cheer, human warmth and family affection inherent to such cordial home gatherings.

In honor of the grand feasts surrounded by pineapples, consider our Pineapple Potholder or our Pinapple Sachet for the kitchen. For the living room, our Pineapple Pillow pictured here to the right, is made from hand hooked 100% wool. Consider the pineapple pillow for a bench, couch or chair in your home. For the floors, we offer to you our Pinapple Rug and for the entryway our Pineapple Welcome Slate or Pineapple Welcome Sign (seen below) would set the tone just right. Don’t forget the little details in your pineapple decorating with our Pineapple Centerpiece Finial and our Pineapple Fan Pull.

If you are looking for a decorative motif that whispers “island hospitality,” then look no further than Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.



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