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The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and there are only 54 days left till the big day. How are you planning to decorate this year? Have you considered a Santa decorative sculpture, figurine or doll for your mantle display? At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a large selection of collectible type Santas for the upcoming holiday season. From a decorative centerpiece to a great gift, our St. Nicks are sure to please. Let’s first learn a little bit about this jolly old man below.

Santa Claus

Santa has been given many names over the years. Santa, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, St. Nick, Father Christmas and the list goes on if you begin including variations from other languages. The roots of where Santa Claus originated from, stem from a combination of folklore in Germany, Scandinavia, Holland and Great Britain. This is where perhaps you have heard of Sinterclaas. Sinterclaas, who although decides who is naughty and nice like our western understanding of Santa does, arrives by steam boat and chooses to ride a white-gray horse as opposed to a sleigh and eight reindeer. Whatever you choose to call this friendly gift giving man in your home, he always finds a place in our hearts.

A New Look

At Sturbridge we have two new Santa collectible sculptures that will look great in your country home this season. These Santas are sporting something different than just the traditional red coat with white fur. Our Chickadee Santa Collectible, pictured above, is off on a snowshoeing adventure. Detailed accents of a chickadee on both sides, faux fur trim and a unique Norwegian inspired pattern, make this Santa’s coat one to be desired.  To the right we see our Country Claus Collectible, who is carrying a faux pine tree in one arm and an antique brass lantern in the other. His long red coat is designed with two stitched Christmas trees, sewn in buttons to appear as ornaments and a gold star for the top. This Santa will brighten your night!

It’s in the Details
Perhaps you would prefer your Santa a little more cozy? Introducing this year’s softest Santa, our Soft Santa Sculpture. Here, Santa is carrying faux pine and berries, a teddy bear, and an actual bell, that rings when you jingle it! Also note his acorn buttons that create an extra magic touch. Hand made in Minnesota, our felted wool Santa Sculpture has a hand painted face and weighted bottom for easy placement on a table or mantle.

In the Kitchen

These next two friendly Santas are perfect for your own collection but make great gifts for the wine lover or baker on your list! A returning favorite, the Santa with Wine Basket, (not shown) says “cheers!” to you and all your guests this season. Designed and signed by artist Karen Didion, our Wine Basket Santa is a unique collectible.  In true holiday spirit, his sign brings a message to share, “Like wine, may friendships improve with age.” Santa’s face is hand painted with rosy cheeks and a cheery smile. On the right, we see our adorable Baker’s Man Santa. A welcoming smile, a faux red velvet hat, a festive red and white chef’s outfit and a delicious fruitcake are just some of the special details he has to offer. Let either of these fun Santas inspire you or a friend in the kitchen and you’ll really get in the spirit.

Santa’s Sleigh

Santa can’t forget his sleigh for the big night out, so at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have plenty of sleigh themed collectibles to choose from. First, a whimsical sleigh ride is seen here to the left, in our Carved Wood Pig & Santa. Santa riding a pig? Yes, the reindeer were busy this year and Santa is busy pulling a sleigh full of wrapped gifts to make it in time for Christmas day. The pig has attached leather ears and a metal swirl tail that give him a fun appeal. Another sleigh ride to consider is our Santa & Sleigh Sculpture. (not shown) Atop a glittery bed of snow, Santa is “up up and away” in his sleigh on Christmas Eve night. A satin black ribbon is used as the reigns to keep the two reindeer in line. Place on mantle or use as an eye-catching centerpiece.

~*~For a complete look at all of our Santas and other Christmas decor, click here.

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