Pinecones or Pine Cones?

It’s an ongoing debate, whether the word pinecone, is spelled pine cone or pinecone. It is acceptable to use both ways, though scientifically speaking, it is a pine tree’s cone; supporting the two word argument. Either way, at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we’ll have you pining over some of our pinecone decor!

To start, lets look at our Pinecone Lace Curtain Collection. To the left you can see the swag and tier; which actually unlike some of our other tiers, come as one piece. The intricate lace detailing on our Pinecone Lace Valance showcases clusters of pine cones that accent these pretty curtains, featuring a pattern of scalloped edges. Made of easy-care polyester with the look and feel of heavyweight cotton. Your choice of ecru or white color.

Pinecones as they are traditionally depicted with a very “woody” look, are the female cones. Female cones are of course the cones that produce seeds and the male cones, which are typically not as easily recognizable, produce the pollen. It was named a cone because of its resemblance to the geometric cone and then classified by the type of plant or tree it is growing from; hence pinecone. If you were wondering, the individual plates of the cone are called scales. Make a statement with pinecones and consider our Pinecone Floor Lamp. Featuring a stacked three pinecone design and an elegant lamp shade that is the crowning touch, crafted of woven fabric with a ribbon trim.

Officially named the “Pine Tree State,” Maine has an extensive population of pine forests that cover the majority of the state; with the Eastern White Pine being the official state tree as of 1945. But even if you don’t live here, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate their beauty inside or outside your home. A couple of weather resistant, pinecone items at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop include our Pinecone Thermometer Clock and our Pinecone Boot Tray. The all in one, thermometer clock has a deep bronze background and copper-colored numbers that make it easy to read. It is also made from durable, rust-free, recycled aluminum, making it truly eco-friendly! The boot tray has an attractive antiqued bronze finish and an embossed design of pinecones; making it ideal for your cabin, lake, or country home this season. Storing your boots, garden shoes or sneakers, it helps control clutter by your front or back door. Fine for the outside due to its powder coated galvanized steel.

You may have known that pinecones are perfect for various arts and crafts/do it yourself projects, because of their widespread abundance. Everything from a seasonal wreath to a bird feeder are possible with these cones. But we hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about pinecones and some ways to now decorate with them in your home!

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