Decorating with Witches


Have you been bewitched by witches? Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we certainly have! Our hilarious hags will be more than happy to cackle in your Halloween home. From fun folk art collectibles to quality witch themed table decor, these spooky ladies will be some of the favored decorations this year. For the outdoors, consider our Witch Weathervane to let you know witch way the wind is blowing. Join in the fun and let our witches cast a spell on you!

All Hallows Eve

The name Halloween has a few said origins. But the most common understanding is that it derived from a Gaelic harvest festival, called Samhain. The Samhain festival, also known as the “Celtic New Year,” marked the end of harvest, “the light half” of the year and the beginning of the “dark half” of the year. The October 31st to November 1st timeline, corresponded with the Catholic All Saints Day (Nov. 1st), later referred to as ”All Souls Day’ or “All Hallows Day.”

The two events were then associated with one another and thus the night before, was called “All Hallows Eve,” signifying the night before All Hallows Day. A night where after sundown, the veil between the living and spirit world is said to be lifted; allowing for more “spooky” events to occur. This is why over the years, witches and Halloween have become synonymous. An enchanting witch flying across a full harvest moon, is seen here, in our Witch Moon Halloween Wall Hanging.

Witchy Tables

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we’re proud to have such a fine selection of witch themed items for your Halloween decorating needs. Not to miss accenting your tables this year, we offer to you our Witch Placemat and matching Witch Table Runner. A frightening silhouette of a witch riding her broomstick is printed on a damask fabric with orange swirls and smiling pumpkins.

A Practitioner of Witchcraft

The practice of witchcraft is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. In early modern Europe, the source of this power was thought to be from the Devil. Throughout history though, the believers in witches and witchcraft, did so as a way to explain various human misfortunes and place blame on something (supernatural or spiritual forces) other than themselves, the community or the monarchy. The most popularized example of the hatred towards witches is seen in our own history, during the colonization of America. In 1645, the first accusations on individuals for use of witchcraft were made. Over the next 50 years, the infamous Salem Witch Trials ensued. The punishments ranged from jail sentences to public hangings. Eventually at the start of the 18th century, the “witch hunts” seemed to end.

Not all witches are thought to be bad however. In more recent history, it is said that witches can use their “magic” or “power” for good; often times in life or death situations, providing a healing source. Not to worry, because at Sturbridge we have many good witches to help decorate your home,  like Janice the Witch. She has a bit of a scowl on her face, but her charming costume with orange and black, striped socks makes her irresistible!

Happy Haunting

The bewitching hour has begun! Our Happy Haunting Wall Hanging is the perfect decor piece to ease you into the harvest and Halloween season, without being too bold. An ecru colored polyester, intricate background of a large tree and festive pumpkin designs, appears as though a delicate lace. A graphic art transfer of four very happy witches and two scary pumpkins are dancing around in celebration of All Hallow’s Eve. Wire and  wood hanger included. BOO!




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