Reduce your Waste this Fall

With tomorrow marking the first day of September, it’s time to start thinking about bringing everything back indoors and preparing for the cold weather surely to come. One thing on most gardeners to do lists is to stock up on compost materials for use as fertilizer and soil the rest of the year. Fall is a perfect time to collect many rich nutrients for your compost because of the abundance of carbon rich materials such as: leaves, dried garden waste, shrub trimmings and other natural debris. Though nitrogen based materials, like grass clippings are also important; it takes a balance between carbon and nitrogen materials to create a healthy compost.

Nitrogen or “green” matter includes various food waste from your kitchen. Food scraps, fruit and vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grinds etc. can all be used. Other household waste such as shredded paper, newspaper, cardboard and dryer lint are also acceptable; who knew?! Composting isn’t something to be afraid of and is actually quite easy if you have the right tools, like our Red Compost Keeper(seen above). At about 10″ tall, this compost keeper won’t take up too much space in your kitchen and makes recycling easy! In addition to making a  great fertilizer, composting is ideal for condensing your kitchen and yard waste, good for the environment as it minimizes the effects of chemical fertilizers, provides rich nutrients to deter the spread of various plant diseases and lastly, significantly reduces land-fill waste.

How To Create Compost:

1. Start on a flat dirt surface and lay twigs or straw as a base.

2. Add your compost materials in layers (alternating dry and moist) empty matter from your Compost Keeper now!

3. Place manure of any buckwheat, wheat grass or the like generously over pile.

4. Water occasionally or let the rain get at it for a day or two.

5. Cover to help retain the moisture with a scrap of carpet or plastic tarp etc.

6. Every couple of weeks, turn with a rake or pitch fork to mix the developing nutrients around and add oxygen to the compost.

So don’t forget that at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have everything you need to begin your composting journey, even if it’s just in the kitchen! We also have  Compost Refills to keep you and your family “green” all year long.


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