Keystone – Creating New Heirlooms

Between the whirling buzzes, pounding, and just general noise there is something special happening in a small town in Pennsylvania. The magic happens seemingly in the middle of nowhere PA on a small piece of land surrounded by farm land and old forests there lays a nondescript building where the sawdust and hammers fly. Inside the building there are journeyman and long linage carpenters building what they know best – beautiful handmade furniture. This collective of craftsmen is known as Keystone.

At first look, the innocuous building folds into the landscape through the squiggled roads and rolling landscape that is Pennsylvania, but hidden inside is it’s secret – the furniture. These are not just any pieces of furniture, but the work of artisans in their field. Each individual piece of their furniture is made by the hands of artisans, your Lancaster Storage Bench is made by experienced, knowledgeable carpenters. Care and consideration is taken with each item. From the cutting of the fine quality wood to the stain, there are the attentive eyes of Keystone workers building your perfect piece.  When you buy a piece of Keystone furniture it is receiving the very best attention. In the Apothecary Stand, they focus on making the piece perfect: the ‘just right’ color in stain and slightly warn edges are sanded making the piece perfect in any home. The little things they do create a better longer lasting piece of furniture that will be in your family for time to come. The furniture they create isn’t just glued together; the wood is formed, cut, and picked for its durability, the stain is applied and selected for the beauty and treatment of the wood, the furniture is cut and fastened together with knowledge that it will exist as a part of your home for years.

All of these things and the fact that their creations are astonishingly exquisite are why we are a proud retailer of Keystone.


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