2011 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Lighting Sale

Light up your world with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop lamps this Fall. The sun is out less by the day and our Lighting Sale is here to shine the way.

For this year’s lighting sale we wanted to give a guide to lighting your home using layers. When lighting your home there are zones and layers of light that will create overall better lighting. Lets take a look at how to implement our lighting to fit your home.

Ideally, a central, overall ambient light that fills the room with warmth is a great start. A good overhead light could bring a great focal point to the room, like our Teardrop Chandelier (shown left). An ambient light range from a string of can lights to overhead fans or pendent lamps – find lights that suit your taste and budget. Do you want a light bold enough to make a statement like the Starlight Copper Chandelier? A simple piece like the Fort Hill Pendant? Whichever way you go, it should cast enough interest to ease your guests into your beautiful home.
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To pull a more focused light, a task light will be your way to go. It’s there for your near work and reading. These lights can either be a nearby floor lamp or a table lamp , like the short and tall Swing Arm Lamps. These lights will help you create focus in whatever close up tasks you are doing – from sewing to reading, it’s best to create a layer of better more focused light. These task lamps are perfect for your bedroom as reading lamps or next to your couch to ease your eyes for watching television. Place them on nearby your work space, make a statement with a Sturbridge Lantern Lamp or allow it to meld into your style like the Cumberland Adjustable Lamp.┬áNo matter your plan or placement we’ve got the task lamps for you.
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Don’t forget about the accent lights – they are as important as the others. Use a night light in the bathroom for interest and intrigue. Place small lamps like our Mini Veggie Lamps under a focal point in the room, for instance a folk art painting or a collection family photo. Accent lights can create a prime spot in your house, a way of greeting or displaying your favorite things. Accent lamps can also be the center of what it’s displaying like our amazingly detailed Sewing Machine Lamp – on a table by itself it easily becomes a talking point for guests. Accent lamps can exist as the Petal Cage Pendent does and create soft light from overhead. Accent lamps are great a bringing attention to areas of the home you wish to exemplify.
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Song Birds FinialIt’s the small details that finish everything off. That is why we provide a wide selection of lighting accessories. From Brass Pineapple Finials to Plum Tree Lights – there is something to put that perfect little finish touch on your lighting. Pick up an adorable fan pull or a switch plate to round out the your lighting experience. Anyway you pull your lighting together it will be yours, your personal touches will always shine through.
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