Toile – Then and Now

Toile in blueMost everyone recognizes the fine lines of this fabric, not many know it’s name. It exists in the ethereal of memory of younger years and regal things, of plates on the wall and tea pots – but mostly of grandmother telling us not to touch.

Toile de Jouy (or toile for short) emerged from main land Europe from deep inside the French monarchy in the late 18th century where it immigrated to England and eventually to our shores. There has been waves of popularity in between then and now, ans so once again toile become quite popular – for adding interest to a window, a special dinner set, chair pads, ceramic adorned spoons, and now even stitched into summer dresses; we try not to think about the time when the pattern was added to men’s shirts in the 70s.

The patterns aren’t of any exact scene, the style is an amalgamation of farming or country scenes, flowers or bushes, and large blocks of detailed patterns are all indicative of toile. Although the term is quite loose and even our Williamsburg Toile Quilt is simple monochromatic flowers on a white backdrop, it is one of those patterns that if you see it you know it.

With the popularity and just plain prettiness of this fabric type, we’d be glad to have it sprinkled in small parts of your beautiful home.

Have great Toile pieces? Love a piece of Toile you got from us? Share them in the comments below .

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