Rhody Rug’s Heritage Braided Rug – All Around the House

There are few places left state side that create the beautiful pieces that exist in our homes; it’s a global world and so are the things we surround ourselves with, but Rhody Rug sticks out as one of the few that brings us handmade quality products from right here in New England.

A handful of Rhode Islanders create each and every rug. When you buy one their rugs from us not only are you getting a great US made product, but each is touched by the artisan hands of the folks at Rhody Rug. A customer favorite is the Heritage Braided Rug that they create for us. This collection of rugs are 100% polypropylene – making them amazingly easy to clean. When they get dirty, we like to take them outside and just give them a good hosing to clean them up. Let them drip dry and they are ready for more.

This also means the rug is ready for the outdoors. With everyone making a second living space outdoors, a braided rug could tie the whole backyard together. How often have you seen a nice strong colored rug under a patio table? Soften that concrete slab up a bit, make your guests feel at home in the back of your’s. The Heritage braid stick out to us because of the classic colors throughout with smooth border transitions that create a perfect classic rug. From black to burgundy to spruce to tan there is a color to fit any room’s decor - including the outdoors. They aren’t crunchy like most polypropylene rugs either – Rhody makes them soft and are barefoot-ready.

It’s always nice to bring a piece of the indoors out, and the Heritage Braided Rug from Rhody rug is one of our favorites. What is your piece of indoor living that you bring outside?

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