Top Ten Gifts Your Garden Gives You

Iron BirdbathMay is Gifts From the Garden Month. After April’s spring gardening – April is National Gardening Month – it’s time to sit back and enjoy some of the benefits. Here are the top ten things your garden, large or small, can do for you.

  1. Physical Fitness – This isn’t something you usually think of when gardening, but even keeping up with those weeds provides a gym-quality workout.
  2. A Wildlife Refuge – Your garden plantings provide food and shelter for a whole host of creatures. Add a birdbath or fountain and you’ve provided everything an animal needs. Then you can sit back and enjoy their antics.
  3. Child-Friendly Creative Play – Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, involving children in the gardening process is a great way to teach them Earth science as well as build valuable shared memories. Plus, it’s fun!
  4. Increased Property Value – We all know about curb appeal. Gardens not only enrich our tenure living in a home, they inspire prospective buyers.
  5. Flowers to Bring Inside – By planting a few varieties that produce cut flowers, you can bring the beauty and fragrance of your garden inside. You can even bundle some up to take to a friend.
  6. A Beautiful View – No matter where you are—outside or in—garden views augment your decor.
  7. Aromatherapy – Fragrant plants stimulate the senses and can improve your mood or reduce stress.
  8. A Perfect Location for Parties – Who doesn’t enjoy a garden party? Places of natural beauty invite conversation and relaxation. Share your work with your friends. With a garden as the venue, all you need for a successful party are refreshments.
  9. The Best Produce Available – Garden-fresh vegetables and fruits are the most flavorful and healthy you can eat. In your garden, you control the chemicals applied and can select which types of each plant you grow. Fresh herbs from your garden provide more flavor than their store-bought companions.

And the number one gift your garden gives you?

  1. A Time and a Place to Relax – Whether you find your zen in working with the plants, or in just sitting quietly and enjoying the views, your garden provides you with a huge variety of stress-reduction opportunities.

So get out there and putter around, then take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your garden is a gift to yourself and to the world around you.

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