How New Englanders help you fly!

Follow Your Dreams SignTechnology continues to move forward to make life easier. Now you can search on the Internet for flights, check-in, and even find out if your flight is delayed. If you’ve ever wondered: “I wonder who thought of that?” you might find out it’s someone from New England! Here are some airport operation inventions captured in 2010 in patents naming New England inventors.

For booking a flight, Patent No. 7,840,426 (Nov 23) provides travelers with the ability to easily make low fare search queries on the Internet, avoiding the trial and error process of finding the lowest fare. Rodney Daughtrey of Cambridge, Carl Demarcken of Arlington, and Justin Boyan of Providence, R.I., are the inventors. ITA Software Inc. in Cambridge is the owner.

You might try the new, low cost “unspecified-time” ticket explained in Patent No. 7,801,751 (Sept. 21) by the folks at Inc. located in Stamford, Connecticut. The Connecticut inventors are Jay Walker, (Ridgefield), Thomas Sparico (Riverside), and T. Scott Case (Darien).

Rooftop Pilot SantaOnce you are booked, there is no reason to go to the airport if your flight is severely delayed or cancelled. Patent No. 7,706 968 (April 27) describes an Internet portal that predicts the extent of delays at major airports. FlightView Inc. of Allston is the patent owner; Lorraine Flynn of Newton, Mary Flynn of Newton, and James Steinberg of Melrose are the inventors.

Patent No. 7,778,768 (Aug. 17) discloses a system designed to reduce airport delays. According to the patent, airlines are provided with the ability to monitor airport operations on a broader scale in order to act on delays. Using the invention, airlines can better communicate with air traffic control to improve airport throughput, reduce delays, and improve the efficiency of their operations. This patent names James Barry of Madison, Connecticut, and Thomas O’Halloran of Gaylordsville, Connecticut, as inventors. PASSUR Aerospace Inc. in Stamford is the patent owner.

At check-in, it is easier to ascertain if an ID has been tampered with using the technology of U.S. Patent No. 7,819,327 (Oct. 26). Delaminating an ID to alter it results is a clear indication that the ID was tampered with. L-1 Secure Credentialing Inc. located in Billerica is the patent owner. Robert Jones of Andover and Bentley Bloomberg of Maynard are the listed inventors.

Simplify Basket SetYour baggage might be scanned using Woburn-based L-3 Security and Detection Systems’ latest x-ray scanner disclosed in Patent No. 7,831,012 dated Nov. 9. Inventors are Andrew Foland of Cambridge, Richard F. Eilbert of Lincoln, Michael Gambini of Bolton, Boris Oreper of Newton, and Nikolay Rolshud of Winchester.

Or, Reveal Imaging Technologies Inc.’s latest computed tomography scanner could be used. Patent No. 7,702,068 (April 20) discloses a high throughput CT scanning system. Michael Ellenbogen of Wayland and Richard Bijani of Westford are listed as inventors.

On your way to the gate, there are some places only airport officials are allowed. CoreStreet Ltd. (Cambridge) Patent No. 7,822,989 (Oct. 26) discloses a new method of controlling access to secure areas. The inventors are Phil Libin of Cambridge, Silvio Micali of Brookline, and David Engberg of Cambridge.

Once on the plane, and being pushed back, you wouldn’t want the plane to hit anything else in the “non-movement area.” Patent No. 7,667,647 (Feb. 23) is for a broadband multilateration method to extend aircraft tracking from the airport movement areas such as taxiways and runways into the non-movement areas (ramps) without the need to extend special air traffic control equipment into those areas. Thomas Breen of Tyngsboro and Christopher Rossano of Chelmsford are listed as inventors. ERA Systems Corp., located in Reston, Virginia, is the assignee.

For airport operations in general, ERA Systems also won Patent No. 7,739,167 on June 15 for a computer system that manages airport finances and automates management of airport revenues. Breen is listed as an inventor.

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