DIY Halloween Costumes

Mini Pumpkin LanternLet’s face it – Halloween can be expensive. Between decorations, candy, parties, and costumes, the cost can be, well, frightening! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular costumes for 2010 and see how we can re-create it at home, hopefully for less!

Of course you should not sacrifice safety for convenience when creating kids costumes.

  1. Pea In The Pod! Swaddle your baby in an emerald green blanket and add an emerald cap with a pom pom on the top.
  2. Baby Lobster Costume. Use a red ski cap, a red blanket, and red mittens for ‘claws’. Add a couple of pipe cleaners through the top of the cap for antennae.
  3. Yoda Baby Costume. Try a brown onesie, an oat-colored blanket, and a light green cap. You can cut ears out of felt and reinforce with pipe cleaner to attach to the cap.


  1. Hannah Montana. It’s all about purple and gold. Black leggings, black boots, a bangle bracelet and a microphone are the finishing touches.
  2. Avatar Neytiri Costume. This may be a little trickier. However, you may be able to convince your child to go for a long black braided wig and blue face paint to go with their jeans and sweatshirt. You can also get a jogging ‘under armor’ top at your sports shop in a pretty close Na’vi blue.


  1. Speaking of Avatar, Jake Sully will also be a popular costume this year. Use the same ideas as above and add khaki pants and a khaki safari shirt.
  2. The next Harry Potter movie will come out towards the end of 2010. Your old college robe, a dress shirt and tie, and some fake glasses may make this the easiest costume ever!

Trick or Treat WoolyWomen

  1. As much as we may hate to admit it, Jersey Shore is a runaway hit in the US. Entire offices are challenging each other to dress like Snooki. Fortunately a black bumped up wig and your shortest black dress will work. Feel free to bump up other areas as well for the full effect.
  2. Or, go the complete opposite way and dress like a nun. Use that college robe, a white turtleneck, and a yard of black cotton fabric for a wimple. Be sure to have a cross handy to fend off those Snookies!


  1. Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater grabbed his 15 minutes of fame when he flipped out at work after a disagreement with an unruly passenger. A navy jacket with some felt striping at the cuffs over a dress shirt and tie will get you halfway there. The rest is all attitude.
  2. Star Trek is still very popular and easy to do. Most shops have the basic ensign shirt; you just need black pants and shoes.

There are a wide variety of Toy Story costumes out there for adults and kids alike. Why not dress up as Woody and the gang together this year?

Hopefully you have a few ideas to get you started. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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