Breezy and Beautiful – Your New Curtains

Hydrangea Sheer CurtainAs the summer winds down, you may be opening your windows more often. There’s nothing like a cool, fall breeze to remind you of your window dressing! With so many options to choose from, where do you start?

The first place to start is with function. What do you want your window treatment to accomplish? If you’re looking for just a light veil of privacy that lets in plenty of light, then sheers are for you. Sheers are now available in light colors, but white usually works best with all décor and is not too ‘over the top.’ If you’re looking for a little more visual interest in your sheers, then try ones with a nice pattern woven into the fabric. They will cast interesting shadows, too. Lace sheers are tricky – make sure they don’t ‘age’ your room.

Let’s say you’re looking for a more ‘earthy’ option and a little more opacity. Bamboo blinds or roman shades are very stylish and functional. They are also lighter than full-on curtains. Be careful that you do not have children or pets that enjoy pulling cords.

Nothing brings a room together like a window perfectly accessorized in the right curtain panel. If you’re just looking to make a polished statement, floor-length panels on either side of the window are perfect. Tabbed panels offer more of a casual look and will hang longer on your curtain rod. Grommet panels look very fashion-forward and modern. Grommet panels are also very easy to move back and forth along the rod.

Solid Insulated Black-out CurtainsInsulated panels are practical for blocking light and cold. They are heavier and work well with highly ornate rods and finials. Insulated panels also help block noise and can cut down on heating costs in the winter.

Usually curtains come in standard lengths: 24″, 36″, 54″, 63″, and 84″. Typically, you want to cover your window from the top of the frame to either the lip of the windowsill or the floor. Always measure first to determine the correct length. If you want a customized length, look for cotton panels that will be easy to cut and hem.

Finally, make sure your curtain selection complements the rest of your décor. Notice we did not say ‘match.’ Matching valances, swags, and panels make a very specific look and can make your room all about your window treatments. If you have very little on the walls in terms of art or accessories, then a full matching set of curtains may work. More often, curtain sets work well in bedrooms when looking to add a luxurious hotel-style feel.

So think about what you need, measure, and enjoy shopping! Your house will look fresh with new window treatments, just in time for fall!

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