Wreaths – Home Décor that gets around

Sunflower WreathNothing says cozy, comfy, elegant abode like a beautiful wreath. For centuries, wreaths have added accent and symbolism to homes during the holidays. Over the years wreaths have become popular for accenting home decor year-round with a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Why limit yourself to only displaying wreaths during the month of December? Used in a variety of ways, wreaths can be the perfect accent for rustic decor styles.

Color and Contrast
When designing your decor with wreaths, make sure to take into consideration the colors of the arrangement and compare with the colors of your walls. There should be a complementary contrast when placing wreaths otherwise they will blend into the wall color. Contrast the color to enhance the various flowers, evergreens, and leaves to attract the eye.

Outdoor vs. Indoor
Lavender Beach WreathHanging a wreath outside will involve exposing the wreath to the elements. If your wreath has fragile components, you may want to place it inside where it will be safe. If you are purchasing a large wreath for the purpose of displaying it outside, make sure that it is safe for outdoor use, or composed of mostly naturally dried materials

Large Wall Wreaths
Large wall wreaths are a great decorative piece for any room. They are the perfect addition to the space above your mantle overlooking a fireplace, and can be changed according to seasonal or holiday themes. They also look stunning when centered on a wall that needs some dressing. Typically, the larger the wreath is, the higher you will want to place it on the wall. Because a larger wreath usually weighs more than smaller wreaths, you should invest in a good metal hanger or a sturdy and durable nail as opposed to plastic hanging fixtures. Make sure that the nail or hanger is properly installed and secured to protect your investment. Some people may feel intimidated by featuring a large wall wreath at first, but they make an excellent focal point for any room, and lend their beauty and grace to every home decor.

Marigold WreathLighting
Wreaths are meant to draw attention and create a sense of quaintness and peace. One way to enhance the look of your wreath is to add a small spotlight. This works well for larger arrangements that have lots of detail. Proper lighting can bring out hidden colors of the arrangement showing its full decorative potential to all your friends and family.

Rustic Accents
Wreaths crafted from branches and dried flowers can bring rustic accents to any room. Rooms with raw wood furniture can be enhanced with creatively placed wreaths.

Not Just for the Door
A wreath for the door is sign of welcoming. Table wreaths can add a beautiful touch of nature to any setting. Accent these wreaths with votives, tea lights, or other candles for nature inspired ambiance. Table wreaths are popular around the holiday season and add symbolism to your holiday decor.

Speaking of Holidays
If you like to decorate your home for different holidays and seasons, wreaths are a great way to do so. Don’t limit yourself to only displaying wreaths at Christmastime! Wreaths can be a unique and versatile decoration for any season or holiday. If you have a nice base wreath, it’s possible to just change out the decorations to accommodate each holiday or season. And because most wreaths aren’t very large, they are an easy way to add a special touch to your home’s decor without busting the budget. Be sure to protect your seasonal wreaths by storing them in a secure and efficient manner so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Rose Bouquet WreathMeadow Wreath

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  1. For a very long time, I’ve had something against wreaths. I’m not sure from where my prejudice stemmed, but it was deeply felt. I have a couple of neighbors who have lately started putting wreaths together, and I’m coming around. I kind of like them now. Most of the wreaths you have here are really quite darling and would add nicely to a room’s decor.

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