Contain yourself – thinking outside the jar

Ceramic Pet Treat JarDecorative jars and glass containers are a great way to add beauty to a room while providing needed storage and organization. Perhaps you have canisters for your dry baking goods or even a little treat jar for your pet. But are you using your jars to their full potential? Here are some ideas for your decorative jar you may not have thought of.

In the library or on the bookshelf make bookends with two matching jars. For clear jars add colored sand in swirls. Glue felt to the bottom of them so they won’t slide.

A jar in your kids’ bedroom can substitute as a piggy bank or a kind of hope chest for secrets and dreams.

Canisters in the bathroom can hold cotton balls and q-tips for quick and easy access. You can also keep some guest toothbrushes at hand.

Great for homemade air fresheners. There are many ideas online on how to make gel fresheners from scratch in your jar that last just as long as store-bought brands. Consider adding objects such as shells, marbles, colored glass bits, polished stones, or other waterproof items.

Beverage ContainerUse your jars to store home crafting supplies like pipe cleaners, ribbons, and the like. Larger jars are great for dried flower arrangements. Smaller jars are a big help in the sewing room to hold bobbins, needles, and pins. Or use one in a kitchen to fill with colorful candy. Keep tea bags fresher by using a canister for storage. People who enjoy pasta on a daily basis will often keep their uncooked linguine in a jar or canister.

Home offices need jars to hold writing implements, paper clips, and other sundries. Use one for return address labels and stamps and stop worrying about losing stamps or having them lying around.

Outdoors, jars are the perfect entertaining accessory for any occasion. They will have your picnic or holiday party buzzing. Use a beverage server to serve large quantities of iced tea, lemonade, sangria, water, and other iced beverages.

If you plan to share your home canned produce, you might want to use a decorative jar for processing. It adds just the right touch for gifts.

No matter how you use it, a lovely decorative jar can add unique elegance for your home or office. It’s a distinctive accent that is uniquely you, and the possibilities are endless.
This great accessory will be perfect in your classic house of style and design.

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