Color Splash – outdoor furniture accessories for the right mood

Tufted Chair CushionsWhat does your color choice say about your style? Not sure? What do you want it to say? Believe it or not – color is a great form of expression. Convey your mood and your style with a few well-placed color accessories that make your outdoor space cozy and inviting.

Cool and sweet. Use greens and whites to convey coolness on hot summer days. Lighter pastels are ideal. Subtle prints add sophistication and luxury, while ticking stripes or broad nautical stripes are more casual. Greens are especially flattering to your deck plantings and terra cotta accessories.

Hot and lively. Bright reds are festive and energetic. They add excitement and pop to most décor. Perfect for your Memorial Day and July 4th celebration, combine bright reds with white and navy for a patriotic look. Bright reds with floral prints can invoke a tropical feel. Afraid of too much stimulation? More subtle reds and stripes are great accents for a country cottage look. If you’re not into red – pick one outdoor accessory in red to make it stand out.

Cottage RockerRelaxed and casual. Nothing says beach like navy blues in striped patterns. Combine navy and royal blues with beige and white to keep the beach feel. Darker blues or even sky blues with yellow are lovely for a country feel, especially in small floral prints. Aqua blues are tropical and look great poolside.

Subtle and sophisticated. Try coral colors combined with beige and browns to create a put together but understated look. This is a lovely combination for transitioning into fall, especially in foliage prints. Coral and beige are a great contrast for rust-colored or darker outdoor furniture and also show off deck plantings.

What about purple? Purples and deep pinks are great for making a space seem rich and exotic. They can be combined with almost any other color in fun paisley prints or silk fabric combinations, and are especially vibrant with silver accessories. If you prefer light lavenders and candy pink colors, use them in spring to remind yourself of country fields and cool breezes.

Nothing says in charge like black and white. These two neutrals go with everything and make a simple statement. Black and white stripes or geometric patterns are more masculine, while floral patterns are soft and flirty. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styles and prints, you will never get bored and you can easily define your theme through your pillow patterns.

Use your color wisely to create an outdoor feel that is uniquely you!

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