The Perfect Nap

Sleigh DaybedMarch 15, apart from being the Ides (the day Julius Caesar was murdered), is also Napping Day. We at Sturbridge Yankee would like to take a moment to reflect on what makes a good nap.

We took a poll on what makes a perfect nap and collected some good information.

The best time of day to take a nap is, uncontested, in the afternoon. Anytime between 2pm and dinnertime.

Most people liked napping in bed, the couch, or recliner. A “hammock in the sun on a warm, beautiful day” was also mentioned.

Many people didn’t require anything special for a perfect nap, but a few people insisted on a blanket or a pillow and one even wanted their spouse.

One common problem with naps is that they often leave you feeling worse than when you lay down. Here are some tips to avoid that and instead wake rested and refreshed:

  • Keep the nap short (20 minutes to an hour).
  • Don’t nap when exhausted, just push through and go to bed early.
  • Don’t nap too early in the day.

The respondents also described the most perfect naps they could remember, providing both more tips and insight into what makes a nap memorable:

  • Try napping in a sunbeam,
  • Curling up with your young children (infant and toddler),
  • Piña coladas and hammocks.

Most importantly, recognize that napping is natural and studies show that they can be good for long-term memory.

Happy napping day!

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