Family Activities to Combat the Winter Blues

Wahoo GameWhen snowed in over the winter months, or even rained in during the summer, cooped-up kids and parents are often at a loss for things to do. For the adults, there’s always the internal nagging of all those projects and things that you should be doing, yet can’t. For the kids, there’s all those things that you’ve already done so many times you can’t stand them anymore, or the things you would like to be doing and, like your parents, can’t.

On these sorts of days, take an opportunity to get in touch with Americans of old and enjoy some indoor games as a family.

  • Wahoo originated in the Appalachian hills and has been a popular game for decades.
  • Inspired by the board game from Britain, Solitaire (the board game not the card game) is challenging for all ages.
  • Checkers
  • Dominoes was a popular game in the 1800’s in Old Sturbridge Village near Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Dating from the early 17th century, cribbage has been popular for hundreds of years, played with wooden pegs and cards.
  • Backgammon

Solitaire GameDominos Game

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