Save energy, and reduce sound with insulated shades and drapes

As winter rolls in with a vengeance, people start watching their heating bills skyrocket. In addition, since all the deciduous trees and bushes have lost their leaves, sounds from roads travel much further. Windows, no matter how many panes, sap the heat right out of a house. So what to do?

Before central heat, the fashion was very heavy and thick curtains on any window. They could be opened to let sun in, and closed to reduce drafts. Of course, old windows were single pane, and hardly sealed anyway.

Today, there are many options that are easy and quick, that save money in both summer and winter, and reduce outside noise considerably.

Insulated shades and drapes are composed of multiple layers, specially designed to reduce air flow through. This prevents drafts. Additionally, by providing small air gaps within the curtains themselves, there is some insulating quality. Sound is disipated within fibers and spaces of the fabrics. Fabrics are still used extensively in the recording industy due to these properties.

Here’s what the Department of Energy says about shades:
“When properly installed, window shades can be one of the simplest and most effective window treatments for saving energy.”
Read more tips here: US Dept. of Energy

If you’d like to see Sturbridge Yankee’s offerings:

Check out Sturbridge Yankee’s selection of natural fiber insulated drapes and shades from Bamboo to Cotton, Roman Shades to Drapes.

sturbridge yankee sage insulated roman shade

Have you come up with any great ways to keep energy costs down with window treatements? We’d love to hear what worked for you, and what didn’t work! Post a comment below or contact us directly.

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