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Wednesday Spotlight: Coastal Scenes

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Rockland Breakers PrintWhether we like it or not, summer is starting to wind down. Soon it will be time for back to school, sweaters and raking leaves. To keep the spirit of summer fully alive while it is still here, this week we are spotlighting five of our favorite beachy or water-inspired prints from five different artists. Whether you choose to decorate with the ocean in mind during the summertime months or all year long, you will find what you and your home need here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Wells Maine Coastal Print

On the Coast

Here in Maine, we can’t help but be partial to lighthouses and the rocky coastline that makes our state so distinct. Artist Charles Wysocki has created an engaging and scenic view of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse in his Rockland Breakers Print. A nautical landscape, sailors in the water, and of course, the lighthouse, make this accent a regal and imaginative image to hang on any wall.

Also drawing inspiration from beautiful Maine locations is artist Pat DeSantis. We love the colors and details in the Wells Maine Coastal Print, which creates a festive and youthful look into one of our prettiest coastal towns. This image is versatile as far as where you place it in your home; spruce up a hallway, a child’s playroom or a family room with the sights of Wells and the ocean.

Sailors Return PrintYes, we do also see the fluffy white snow on the ground in this Bonnie White print, and while we do not want to think about the weather getting colder as we get closer to winter, this image will give any wall a classic coastal look in your home. We love beachy reminders, and the calm water behind this cozy community is a beautiful testament to the coast, even when days are short and full of snow. Incorporate the nautical theme into your décor throughout the year; not just in the summertime.

Renew Print

Beach Entrance Print

Sandy Escape

With an uplifting quote almost as serene as the image, artist Bonnie Mohr has created a wall accent that will Renew and maintain a peaceful look and feel in whatever room you place it. The soft gold and blue hues of the sand meld with the calm water and landscape, inspiring relaxation among your everyday tasks and throughout the year.

Artist Christopher John employs a special technique in creating his images; digitally transforming authentic photographs to create and portray unique colors and moments. His Beach Entrance Print is especially extraordinary because of the way the white sand stands vivid against the warm glow of sun and clouds, and among the lush, fenced in greenery. This accent is sure to make a statement anywhere in your home, and complements your own photos of favorite coastal locations to admire all year long.

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Thursday’s Theme: Summer Decor

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

The first day of summer–or Summer Solstice–is this Sunday, and while you may have already dove headfirst into lighter curtains, evenings spent on your covered porch, and family barbecues, we are still going to celebrate this start to the summer. We have some beachy décor ideas, and some stylish tips on decorating your home and backyard for this season, and for keeping a fresh feeling in your home all year long.

Lavender Beach Wreath

Just Beachy

If you travel to any beach or beaches during the summertime months and find yourself collecting shells of all shapes and sizes, coveted sand dollars, and perhaps even a jar of sand, don’t forget about them when you get home! Turn them into décor through the use of Apothecary vases or hurricane jars.

You can also incorporate craft store finds into this décor, by using faux starfish and other shells to dress up those you find at the beach. Nautical ribbon, rope, and even blue pebbles can create that oceanic, breezy feeling even when you’re miles away.

If you have some wall space that needs decorating, get to developing those photos of the lake or ocean you’ve been meaning to print out, and pick up some decorative frames. Creating a photo wall mural with imagery like this creates an interesting focal point, especially if you choose to enlarge a photo so it takes up most of the wall. Now your living area can act as a relaxing escape all year long!

Serious Style

Colorful Summer Banner - The Happy Scraps

Summer décor should be fun and festive, and you should think about complementing the sunny weather outside with bright home accents inside. This can be accomplished with floral arrangements of both the faux and real varieties by placing them throughout your home. Wreaths and garland can also do the trick, as will summer-themed banners on a mantel or bookshelf. Make your own with household materials, or look for printables on blogs, like DIY Swank, to string up and display.

Floral furniture decoratives are also a great way to add summertime color to the rooms of your home; an example of this would be to incorporate a collection of placemats, runners, or chair pads that match, and then use a rug or a lamp with similar color tones to bring the whole room together in a summery fashion.

Drop Leaf Cottage Table

For the outdoors, a certain planter trend has caught our eye. The arrangement is commonly referred to as “Topsy Turvy Planters,” and we think it adds a wonderful look to your backyard. Keep the terracotta planters the way they are, or paint them in solid or patterned colors to draw the eye even more.

If you are happy with your décor and don’t desire to change or add to what you have, but still want to freshen up your home for the summer, look no further than your furniture! A major tip for renewing the life of your living spaces is to rearrange.

Maybe send that rug to the cleaner’s and let your wood floors brighten up the room for a month or two. Face your sofa and chairs towards the backyard, or towards the brightest space in a room so you can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the outdoors. Also, don’t be afraid to bare your windows! Take the curtains off of them to add a feeling of airiness and space, and to open the room to guests and light.

Do you have any summertime decorating tips? Share them with us here or on Facebook – we would love to hear from you!

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Thursday’s Theme: Wine and Cheese

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Today is National Cheese Day, and to celebrate we’re throwing a wine and cheese party! Well, just on our blog. You, however, can throw one this weekend or the weekend after that, and with these décor tips it is sure to be a successful party.

Wine and Cheese Invite exampleInvites

Whether you’re planning on holding a large gathering or just your group of closest friends, invites can set the tone for what to expect at the party. If you want it to be casual, choose (or create!) colorful, cheerful, and/or musical invites; if you’re leaning towards a more formal setting, neutral tones, elegant lettering, and simple images are a better option. If you’re creating your own, use wine glass, wine cork, and cheese imagery, and throw as much personal style and personalization into them as you can. Opting for the stationary or store-bought invitations? Personalize them for your guests by writing the party’s address, or hand-write their address or name on the envelope. Don’t forget to tell them to RSVP!

Japanese Lantern LightsParty Décor

Besides seating and tables, you want to give your party a little life with decorations. This could just mean buying elegant glassware and using flowers or tree lights for centerpieces, or you could amp up the extravagance with paper lanterns and lighting strung around an arbor in your backyard. However you choose to decorate, you should think about incorporating a few simple items into your design.

Cork Collection Box;klajdfl;kajdf

Wine corks can be used in a few different ways to decorate your wine and cheese party oasis. And don’t worry about saving corks for months in preparation; you are more than likely to find packages of corks at a craft store. Cut a slit in them to make place settings or to label your wine and cheese spreads, or place them around a candle in glassware to add some flair to your lighting.

Your décor can also make serving your guests easier. With a Lazy Susan, your wine and cheese can be easily accessible from any side of the table, and your guests can better admire your spread.

Wine Bottle SackThe wine and cheese pairings should be a big focus of your party, so incorporate these into the décor to make your party atmosphere less stuffy and more fun (especially if your guests aren’t total wine and cheese connoisseurs). Use blackboards, print out festive labels, or use the same label-in-cork design as you did your place settings. Cabot – a local neighbor of ours and a cheese expert – has a great guide on how to pair cheese and wines and why they taste so good together.


Besides the main two options, breads and grapes are also great to offer. Bread is an excellent palate cleanser, as are fresh grapes. You may just simply want to include a larger variety of foods at your party, but you’ll want to choose options like these so you can fully enjoy the flavors of the wine and cheese.

Once again, happy National Cheese Day! Have you ever hosted a wine and cheese party? Share your tips with us, and happy celebrating!

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