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Weekly Spotlight: Summer Clearance 2019

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Our Summer season ends this week, but before we move onto Fall, we are spotlighting five Summer Clearance home accents – and they are all under $25. Take a look below, and browse our entire Clearance section here.

Ribbed Metal Garden Pots

Ribbed Metal Garden Pots | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Strawberry Embroidered Sheer Swag Curtain

Strawberry Embroidered Sheer Swag Curtain | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Floral Terrace Outdoor Accent Rug (1′11″ x 2′11″)

Floral Terrace Outdoor Accent Rug | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Perpetual Calendar Scroll Clock

Perpetual Calendar Scroll Clock | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Fresh Flower Market Sign

Fresh Flower Market Sign | USA | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

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DIY Flower Arrangements – Part II

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

This week, we’re taking a closer look at some of the flower arrangements found inside of our Spring 2017 catalog.

Follow Silas down the page to learn a little bit more about the components of the arrangements, and learn some behind-the-scenes tips for when you create a floral look using blooms from our collection or those from a spring garden.

And if you missed Part I last week, you can find it here.

^ When putting our Calla Lily Stems (shown in the three available colors) into a vase, keep the raffia tied around the stems for a bunched look, or untie them and let the blooms expand.

> The same goes for our Tulip Faux Floral Bunches (shown in both available colors), which also come tied with raffia. The color variations of each bloom offer your arrangement even more color. You could also use ribbon or even scrap lace for enhanced decorative appeal.

< Longer stems need a little more support than most vases can provide. When this is the case, foam, sand, rocks and even marbles can be placed in the vase to keep it from tipping over as well as securing stems in place. Moss or faux grass can then be layered on top to cover the material inside – as seen in this arrangement of ten pink and red Parrot Tulip Stems.

^ Our Wire Scroll & Glass Vase is a customer favorite, and while it’s a beautiful vase for flowers on its own, we recommend varying its look by filling the glass vase with decorative items: a Cabbage Leaf Mat, decorative grass, sea glass, rocks, leaves and other nature-inspired items.

Wire Scroll & Glass Vase filled with Decorative Grass

No Filler

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