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~Web Exclusive Garden Decor at SYW

Friday, March 9th, 2012

With the much anticipated spring season only about a week away, it’s time to start thinking about our outdoor living spaces again. No matter what the space is, being outside in your backyard on a patio, deck or in your garden, at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we know it’s important to call that space your own. Carry themes of your indoor design style to the outdoors and see just  how much more time you’ll start spending out there.

Beautifully pictured here to the left is our new web exclusive, Tulip Plant Stand. A traditional style plant stand presents itself in an elegant tulip shape. Crafted of powder-coated roman bronze to add durability and longevity. Its sturdy 4 leg base supports the frame, leading up to a handy, removable top insert. Mirroring the round plant tray above, is a petite round space for yet another plant if you wish. Therefore our Tulip Plant Stand offers a two-in-one spot to decoratively display your hard work out in the garden. Customers may also enjoy our new Virginia Plant Stand, which offers an exquisite pedestal style base and scalloped, removable plant tray. For more outdoor decorating ideas click Here.

Once you have created your ideal outdoor living space, there are many benefits you should know about enjoying time in the fresh air:

  • Vitamin D provided  from the sunlight improves your immune system and bone health.
  • Being with nature relaxes you and reduces stress levels.
  • Improves your vision, as eyes are relaxed and not strained by tedious indoor activities.
  • Working outdoors improves overall creativity and interest in new hobbies.
  • According to the  Environmental Protection Agency, “air inside our houses and offices is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.”

So get outside and start decorating with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

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Teak – A Wood Made For the Outdoors

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

In the damp soils of the deep hardwood forests of Indonesia, China, and Myanmar, tall rod-like trees peak their rounded leaves above the canopy; trunks look bundled together as if they are working together and seem bind themselves to reach the nutrient rich sunlight. These stalks of the forest are teak.

Teak is a hardwood like few others, with the silica it contains the wood can dull most sharp ends but luckily isn’t so dense as to make it impossible to work with. The greatest part about teak is it’s oils, they allow the furniture to be exposed to the elements with little to no help from staining or coats of varnish, it also makes the wood pest and termite resistant. It’s an amazingly hard and nature resistant wood – which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture.

We at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop know you don’t want to buy new patio furniture every single year. You want to buy good quality furniture and not have to worry about it getting worn or put new stain on every spring. That is why we’ve added a few fantastically made teak furniture pieces to our website. Don’t spend the first nice days of warm weather shellacking your patio furniture – recline back and enjoy the season with our Teak Steamer Chair. There comes a sheen, an almost gray color that comes over the teak when left untreated but doesn’t change it’s durability or strength. If you wish to keep the honey golden color of the wood a Teak Oil may be applied every 6-12 months and will eventually go to the silver gray if not repeatedly applied.

This teak isn’t pulled from the already squandered forests either but from sustainable plantations. It’s Grade A, so you can rock in peace in the Teak Double Rocking Chair knowing that it’s going to last. Speaking of lasting – this teak furniture is not only made with great hardwood, but is made with great care and craftsman ship. The joints are mortise and tenon creating strong bonds, so you’ll know you’ll have the furniture as long as you have a patio. And you can fill out your entire patio with our teak, from the 48″ Teak Dining Table and matching Teak Folding Chairs (set of 2) you can create an entire outdoor space that will last for many years to come. Have a smaller patio? We also carry a 36″ Square Teak Table. Place the 18″ Teak table next to your Teak Reclining Chair facing your favorite view and come back summer after summer in the same spot – this outdoor furniture will stay with you.

Never worry again about leaving your patio furniture out in the rain, teak has you covered and where else but Sturbridge Yankee Workshop will you find such exquisite furniture to match your style.

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