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Monday Must-Haves: Best New Decor for Home Organization

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Will you be revamping your home organization techniques in 2018? Whether you’re looking for something new and inspiring, or want to add a little something extra to your current organizational decor, these five new home accents from our Winter 2018 catalog will do the trick!

Crochet Wire Basket (2 Colors)

Our newest basket comes in two colors and is wrapped in beautiful crocheted yarn. It’s perfect for storing your knitting needles or craft supplies, or can stylishly conceal knick knacks and accessories under a bench, in a closet or on the stairs.

Crochet Wire Basket

Heart Handle Wood Tote (3 Colors)

This rustic wood tote has a handmade look and is available in three colors. Store utensils on a country kitchen counter, keep potatoes and onions in place in the pantry or you could even use this home accent as a small planter!

Heart Handle Wood ToteSunny Side Magnet Board

Sunny Side Magnet Board

A magnet board can help you keep track of schedules, grocery lists and other paper items, and this magnet board offers up an optimistic mantra you may want to incorporate into your daily life.

Bee Magnets Set

What would a magnet board be without magnets? This set of six pewter magnets will secure your notices onto a magnet board, and decorate the space you’re organizing.

Bee Magnets Set

Half-Round Plate Rack

This simple kitchen accessory can free up some needed cupboard space without taking up too much countertop space. It’s half-round shape means it can be placed right up against the wall, and offers easy access to your dinnerware.

Half Round Plate Rack

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Throwback Thursday: Five Helpful Storage and Organization Techniques

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Next week we will be welcoming 2018 and a new year of activities, hobbies, crafts and home decor. Although our tastes, styles and rooms may change throughout the year, our need for storage and organization does not. The following are five posts from our blog that feature storage tips and organization techniques that resonate year after year.

Entryway Storage Rack & BenchTote and Basket Storage Solutions

From a bench in an entryway to the walls of a pantry, totes and baskets can solve many organization problems.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Often the trickiest room when it comes to effective storage.

Kitchen Storage: Carts and Tables

For small country kitchens or state of the art chef’s kitchens (if you are so lucky).

Space-Saving Storage (Quick Tip)

A simple tip for when you have storage needs and not a lot of room.

Covered Trash Storage (Quick Tip)

The most specific technique here, but a great way to incorporate style and function in a small space.

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Quick Tip: Stylish Space-Saving Storage Solutions

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Quick Tip: Stylish Storage Solutions

Storage solutions shouldn’t – and certainly don’t have to – impair a room’s charm. Decorative canisters are both space-saving and aesthetically appealing; they have a small footprint on shelves, tables and even kitchen counters, and add more style to those spaces. They are also multi-purpose, with the ability to hold ingredients like sugar, flour, coffee or bread, crafting materials and other items throughout your home.

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