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Thursday’s Theme: Tricks That Make Decorating a Treat

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

This week, we’re featuring some of our favorite and some of the most helpful tips and tricks for creating beautiful rooms and incorporating décor to make it look just right. Of course, opinions will vary when it comes to style and design, but these are important keep-in-the-back-of-your-mind tricks so no matter who you are, decorating your home will be a treat every time.

Rules are “Rules”

Country Charm

Sure, maybe that plush rug perfectly complements your kitchen’s colors and design. If you rarely use your kitchen lay it down immediately! But if your kitchen sees most of your home’s traffic, then a more durable and easier to clean rug or mat will be best. This is just the way it is. And, sometimes when you’re not sure if a gallery wall will look spectacular the way you envision it, or if those curtains really are too small for those windows, common guidelines prove to be beneficial at least to get started.

Choose Lifestyle over Trends

Sure, a white and bright sofa can be a beautiful, polished furniture piece. But if you have smaller children or grandchildren who frequent the living room or family room, that white sofa will be more trouble than perhaps it is worth.

Is it Worth it?

Speaking of worth, when choosing pieces for your home – furniture, decorative accents, seasonal décor – always remember that you are investing in your home and making investments for your life. Your bedroom wall may be bare now, but don’t choose art that is mass produced or cheap just to fill the space. Be patient and seek out something you’ll love forever; patience will pay off both in the quality of your life and the quality of your home.

Valentine Cocktail Storage Trunk

Surround Yourself with Things you Love

Don’t like the paint color? The carpeting on your stairs? The cupboards in your kitchen? Make changes! Being surrounded by décor and aesthetics that make you cringe is not the way to live in your home. Like we said above, sometimes you’ll have to be patient with pricier decorating or projects that take up more time, but once you identify things you dislike, creating a look you love will be much easier. Maybe you just start out painting a room white and starting with a clean slate, or maybe you spend an evening just ripping up that carpeting. Come up with a plan so you can start loving what you see.

Wednesday Spotlight: Liberty and the USA

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Liberty SignAre you tired of Halloween yet? We hope not, but as we have featured many of our charming spooky décor here on the blog and on our website, today we’re taking time to Spotlight five items related to Lady Liberty; her statue was dedicated today in 1886 by President Grover Cleveland.

Lady Liberty CollectibleLiberty Sign

Made in the USA and featuring key elements of our nation’s flag, this rustic wood sign offers distressed charm and patriotic spirit that you can be proud to display in any room, all year long.

Nautical Stripe Quilt Set

Lady Liberty Collectible

A Lori Mitchell favorite, this Lady Liberty features a little more color and glitz than our taller Lady Liberty statue; perfect for styling a 4th of July centerpiece or adding patriotic spirit to your treasured collectible displays.

Nautical Stripe Quilt

For a master bedroom or guest bedroom, this nautical inspired quilt also complements patriotic décor and country style, with an attractive pairing of solid stripes and plaid. Not to mention, the cotton pieces are machine washable and peacefully soft.

Star & Stripes Lamp

Star & Stripes
Table Lamp

Standing tall and proud on any end table, this made in the USA lamp will emit such elegance and patriotic charm, you’ll want it in your home all year long. Featuring our nation’s colors and a bold white star, this pottery lamp is completed by the drum shade and polished rustic appearance.

2016 Primitive Past Calendar2016 Primitive Past Calendar

Add a refreshing look to any wall each month with a 2016 calendar featuring images from a simpler, primitive time. Charming country furniture and décor can be seen with each flip, creating a finished look with your own primitive home treasures.

Thursday’s Theme: Natural Inspiration

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Bringing the outdoors inside or on our porches to incorporate into our home décor can be achieved all year long with wreaths, flowers, wall art and many other accents. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to decorate with nature for this week’s Décor Article; we hope you can find inspiration and will share your favorite displays and natural style with us!

Home Sweet Home Printed Doormat



Flora and Fauna

Wreaths, garlands, centerpieces; real, faux, freshly picked; there are so many ways to incorporate your favorite plants into your home décor there just isn’t enough room to talk about all of them. Leaves, pinecones, blooms and berries give any surface timeless appeal, and we love switching out different pieces to complement the current season. For fall, we like warm colors; winter is all about holly berries and sparkles; spring brings pastels; summer is full of fresh greens and bright colors.

Animal Instinct

Birds, mammals, pets, even insects are essential nature items. Seek out the most charming sculptures, pictorial pillows, most eye-catching wall art and other décor to add life to your home. Be creative with your displays, and create some variety with different colors or types of animals found in the wild.

Be Satisfied with your Style

No matter what kind of natural elements you choose to work with, always go with your stylistic preferences, not style fads (unless you love the items that make up those fads!). Use bright colors and eccentric curtains or patterns if you want to go

outside of the box, or stick with seashells and coastal accents for a more muted and seafaring look. Also think about the materials you’re decorating with. For natural inspiration, wood will always be a complementing look, but cotton, rattan and woven accents, glass and rustic tile also make a woodsy and country impression. Decorate your dining room table in leafy placemats; place your bird sculptures under glass jars or in a display cabinet; add a natural-colored tile table to your family room; after you combine your favorite outdoorsy pieces, your room and home will come together in stylish harmony.