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Thursday’s Theme: Think Spring!

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Ruffled Lace Curtains

Flowers for Spring

Spring is just a day away, and we are more than ready to say goodbye to the cold weather and hello to warming up! This is the time of year when we try to find time to purge our houses of clutter and update decor, so if you find your home feeling a little empty after spring cleaning sessions, here are some great ways to redecorate and refresh your living spaces.

This one is a no-brainer. The arrival of spring brings new life and fresh colors to your backyard, garden, and neighborhood; so get out there and pick a few blooms to display in a glass or equally colorful vase in your home. Easter and Mother’s Day will also be here before you know it, and flowers are the simplest decor and gift items for your Sunday brunch or as a gift to your mom. And, if you want your flowers to last a little longer, faux arrangements can be just as pretty, and will last as long as you would like them to.

Anniversary Blue Floral Valance

Curtains and Window Dressings
Now that our days contain more beautiful sunshine, you will want to change out those heavy, possibly insulated, curtains and window dressings used during the winter months. Sheer lace curtains are great for an elegant window decoration, and will allow a lot of warm sunshine into your home. If you prefer solid colors, go lighter rather than darker, and try a floral print! Light blues, yellows, greens, and pinks are nice colors that will liven up any space, and any home decor. Try just a valance or swag for a minimalist effect that will create a lighter, airier feeling in a kitchen or bedroom.

Front DoorRed Poppy Doormat
If your front yard landscaping isn’t completely spring infused, go to your front door, roll up your sleeves and get painting! A vibrantly colored front door is a quick way to freshen up the outside of your home, and is unique enough to grab the [positive] attention of your neighbors and guests. It does require a little bit of commitment, however, so if you’re not quite ready to transform your house’s facade, a brightly colored, natural, or spring inspired doormat will add the seasonal freshness your home needs. Make sure to pick up an all-weather or durable doormat, so no matter how many feet – dry, wet, muddy – pass through it will look as good as new for the entirety of the season.

Do you have any tips for spring decorating you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and tell us your ideas, and have a happy spring!

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Quick Tip: Simple Benches

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Looking to incorporate furniture into a room, but don’t want to commit too heavily to a decorative piece? A simple bench is a great way to avoid this. Use a neutral, or natural, colored bench and use other decor to decorate it, turning it into a great statement and eye-catching piece.

Thursday’s Theme: Paper and Prints

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

We’re making this week’s Thursday’s Theme short and simple, but we hope you find it at least a little bit sweet, too. The next two weeks will be heart and Valentine’s Day themed, so feel free to stay away from the red and pink color palettes with these ideas, or devote this week to love and romance as well. Today’s decor tips are perfect for renters or anyone who frequently changes the themes or styles of the rooms in their home, but these tips also work great as permanent fixtures to create a welcoming and personable atmosphere.

Flower Wall Decals (created with Photoshop)Wall Decals
While you can purchase pre-made wall decals, designing your own creates a little more of a personal touch to a room, and it’s a lot of fun! You can create an image (or images) using Photoshop or Microsoft Word, print and cut it out and simply use adhesive, like tape, to secure it to a wall. Or, use a scrap-booking stencil or freehand an image if you don’t have those programs or a printer. If you are looking for a more permanent piece of wall decor, find some wallpaper you like and trace or draw out an image on that, and use wallpaper paste to secure it. 

Picture Frames and CollagesPaper Photo Decor (in a glass frame)
If you prefer the look of a contained image on your wall, simply put an image in a picture frame. Mix and match multiple frames, or prints, to create a collage on a bare wall, or display a single image and frame on a coffee table. The frame should be part of the art; this decorating strategy gives you the opportunity to find (and possibly splurge on) some really unique frames, since your image may be inexpensive and simple.

Have you tried these decor tricks yourself? Let us know how you have organized a collage on a wall or have used paper and patterns to liven up a room.