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Thursday’s Theme: Home Command Centers

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

So you’ve designed your entryway and settled down in your reading nook – what else is there to organize? With the end of summer comes the beginning of school for many families, and organization is one of the keys to starting and maintaining a successful (and less stressful) school year. Home Command Centers are a big trend right now, and whether you have a large wall or minimal space, you too can take command of after school activities, appointments, assignments and everything your busy life throws at you by designating a center for all the chaos to be managed. Here are some essentials, and some of our favorite Command Centers.

Transitional Kitchen by Saratoga Springs Interior Designers & Decorators Jenna Burger Design
Traditional Kitchen by Carlsbad Interior Designers & Decorators Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc.
  • Whether you choose to employ drawers, folders, file holders, shelves, baskets, or all of the above, have fun with labeling and sorting out exactly what you want to store in each. Make up a couple homework folders for the kids and put those in an easier-to-reach location than where you store bills and other mail, and incorporate a clock or candle holder to amp up the style of the space.
Traditional Kitchen by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Angela Todd Designs, Portland, OR
Traditional Kitchen
  • Location, location, location! Your Command Center should be a hub of activity in your home, so choose a space that is frequented by all family members. The kitchen is perhaps the best place, but a mudroom or entryway are also good locations. It could be as simple as a white board or black board, calendar and magnets on the side of the fridge, or you could take the doors off of that hallway closet you hardly use and create an inset Command Center that is easily accessible and out of the way.

Traditional Home Office by Richmond Media & Bloggers Bright Bold and Beautiful
  • The Command Center can also serve as a small office space if you don’t already have one in your home. This can be an excuse to buy that antique table you’ve been eyeing or that chair that complements your home decor perfectly. Keep the space clear for a laptop or to do work on, or incorporate more organizational accents and tools so you and your family can have orderly and stress-free days.

As always, we love hearing your feedback. Will you try a Command Center this year? Show us how you stay organized, and share your tips on the tools you use to keep your home orderly (if only for a short amount of time).

Thursday’s Theme: Wallpaper

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

CC image courtesy of Flickr user tomt8788

Star Berry Vine Wallpaper

That’s right, this seemingly old fashioned tool for decorating your walls and is back, although it is anything but old fashioned. Wallpaper has presented itself as a big design trend for 2015, but don’t think about it going away again too soon. Intricate prints, fun patterns and beautiful colors grace today’s wallpaper choices, and we have some tips on how to use it tastefully and in ways that work for your home.

Go Small

If you are hesitant about adding wallpaper to one of the main living spaces in your home, focus on a small mudroom or head to the laundry room and get decorating! Use soft colors in a lacy, subtle stripe or jacquard-style pattern on each wall.

CC image courtesy of Flickr user Huasonic

This will freshen up the room without going too overboard for the small space. It won’t take as long as painting; save the detailed brush strokes for your living room or bedroom.


We still recommend trying wallpaper in a family room, especially as an accent wall. Use a bold striped or a geometric pattern to make the room stand out – and, you won’t have to worry about getting the lines perfectly straight, saving you a lot of frustration and time.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are many styles of wallpaper out there, so explore all of your options and you may be surprised at what you find, and at what you like. Look for wallpaper printed with books and shelves for a charming office or library atmosphere, and dare to go dark for an elegant dining or sitting room. If you’re still unsure, check out real rooms decorated in wallpaper – they may be just the inspiration you need. Whether you cover all of your walls or just one, wallpaper can be the answer you’re looking for to rejuvenate the rooms of your home.

Quick Tip: Statement Furniture

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Quick Tip: Statement Furniture