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Celebrate Any Season With Collectible Sculptures at SYW

Friday, October 11th, 2013
Collectible figurines have a long history across the world, from collectible sports cards to limited edition items released as incentives with other products, or as standalone items. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, collectible items are an important piece to the country decorating puzzle, and we are happy to feature these items by popular collectibles artists.

Artist Lori Mitchell Adds A Whimsical Touch

Some collectibles are versatile enough to be used on display all year long, whereas others are special items to be placed on display but once a year. This includes the range of themed figurines available now on our website.

From witches to turkeys, we have a sculpture for everyone. Take a look what artist Lori Mitchell has to offer in Batty Betty and Wicked Willow.

These petite figures, with whimsical details and plenty of Halloween charm, are designed to bring out the holiday loving child in everyone. Just in time for Halloween decorating, and crafted from resin with handpainted details that preserve the artists original handiwork.

Wicked Willow Sculpture

Turkey Time Thanksgiving Sculpture Williraye StudioIs Full of Folk Art Charm

Well-versed collectors will recognize these next two items, as they are from the distinctive and well-known collaboration of Bobbe Punzel-Schuknecht and her husband Jeff Schuknecht, who make up Williraye Studio™.Cold cast in resin to preserve the unique richness of the artists’ carved wood sculptures, Witchy Wonderland and Turkey Time are welcome guests to a collection.

Use Turkey Time as part of the Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece, as the folk art appeal is enhanced by the snow globe encasing a plump turkey dressed as a pilgrim.

Care of Collectible Items

We recommend that collectors maintain the value of their items by keeping them well dusted when on display. When packing the figures away at the end of the season, tuck some tissue or newspaper in with the display piece to ensure that it does not suffer damage when waiting to be released next year. Resin sculptures are quite hardy, and will last for years if well taken care of.

Not to mention the fact that they make fantastic gifts for friends and family!

Witchy Wonderland Halloween Sculpture Collectible

SYW 60 Years Wooly Fuzzy Wooly® Buddies

Another easy to recognize collector’s item are the fuzzy Wooly® characters identified by their puffy wool bodies and fleece hats, often depicted completing tasks such as preparing for the winter season by chopping wood, as seen in the Splitting Wood Wooly®, or celebrating important events, such as the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop 60th Anniversary, as seen in the SYW Anniversary Wooly®.

Use these adorable additions all year long, or bring them out to enhance a mantel space during the appropriate seasons, as many options are available.

To enhance any collection, be sure to gather many figures from various artists. Although the overall style of handicraft may vary from artist to artist, they each have their own special qualities that make them unique and well-worth their display space. Right now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have collectible sculptures and figurines available to suit every collector’s wish list needs.

Harvest Gift Ideas for $25 or Less!

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we’ve gathered some great gift ideas for the harvest season. Yes, the big gift giving season comes shortly after, but there are plenty of events where a gift this fall would be appropriate. Teachers, hosts/hostesses and those who maybe don’t appreciate candy, will love these harvest treats. A small something to show someone special you care or to say thanks for all they do, our gift ideas are thoughtful and easy on your wallet.

Candle Cards

A unique way to give a greeting card and a candle in the same gift! Our Witch Way to go Candle Card (as seen here to the right) decorated to look like an old-time greeting card, features a retro Halloween design. Our Thanksgiving Candle Card presents a big turkey with bright beautiful feathers being pulled near, by the Thanksgiving Day cook; all in a vintage color palate. Both of these candle cards are designed on canvas wrap and have a candle with an 80 hour burn time with lovely aromas. $24.95 each.

Harvest Soaps

A perfect little gift to give out as a favor to your guests at any harvest gathering is our harvest and Halloween themed soaps. Our Witches Brew Bar Soap, pictured here to the left, is spooky and fun with a light shea butter and olive oil scent. Another Halloween themed soap is our Happy Halloween Bar Soap that has a glowing full moon and pumpkin design with a scrumptious pumpkin spice scent. We also have our Harvest Apple Soap which displays a black crow waving the American flag atop a freshly picked basket of apples; featuring a yummy apple scent. All of our soaps listed here, are handcrafted of the finest all natural ingredients in the USA. $5.95 each.

Pretty Leaves

This is a gift idea that is perfect for both the autumn or holiday season. Our new Leaf Ornaments are exceptionally beautiful whether you choose to hang on a cupboard or a tree. These real leaf ornaments are handcrafted in the USA, with various natural and man-made materials. The Full Moon Maple Leaf Ornament, as seen here, appears as if it were dipped in gold. Our Lacey Oak Irridescent Ornament, simply glistens of fall spirit and showcases the intricate vein detail of the oak leaf. All of the leaf ornaments have a lovely berry or green colored organza ribbon to hang. Another idea for these pretty leaves, is to attach them to the top of a wrapped gift, for a sophisticated look. $16.95 each.

Autumn Fillers

If you’ve got an empty glass vase or glass centerpiece laying around, or are in need of a little autumn accent somewhere in your home, then these autumn fillers are for you. Our Autumn Mix, seen here to the left, contains a variety of faux pumpkins, gourds, leaves and berries in shades of gold, yellow, orange and tan. ($14.95) Though if you’re looking for something more simple, try our Mini Faux Pumpkins. The adorable little pumpkins are so bright and detailed, there are lots of ways to use them. ($19.95) But maybe your friend needs a little fall flare as well, and that’s what makes these autumn fillers great gift ideas too.

Click here for more Fall Harvest Items and decorating ideas.

Harvest Table Settings

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

As we get settled back inside for the cooler weather to come, we begin thinking about ways to stay warm and cozy. One of those ways is preparing meals for our family and friends; spending a lot of time entertaining around our kitchen or dining room tables. So let’s take a look at some great seasonal ideas for dressing up your tablescapes. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have plenty to choose from when it comes to setting your table right this fall.

If your like many of us here in Maine, your trying to hold on to the last final days of summer. The bright, warm sunshine and beautiful flowers are fading away as the leaves begin to turn. A great transitional decor theme for those of you still needing a bit of fresh air and nature, is Sunflowers! We have quite the variety of sunflower themed products, but in regards to your lovely table, consider our Sunflower Placemat or the Sunflower Table Runner to match. Both will provide a casual setting while bringing the beauty of cheery sunflowers indoors.

Our Autumn Leaves Placemat (seen above) is another great harvest way to decorate your table. Our leaves placemat is perfect for every day use but when paired with our Autumn Leaves Table Runner, your place settings will look spectacular. Another idea if your into leaves is our Maple Leaf Placemat, featuring an intricate lace design of a Maple Leaf, that will provide a more formal look. The leaf’s veins on this placemat are those extra details you appreciate this time of year; coming in your choice of earth, goldenrod, or paprika color.

Now when it comes to Halloween, your options at Sturbridge are endless! To begin with, we know you’ll love our Autumn Patch Trivets & Basket Set. A set of 6 braided trivets featuring a different harvest image on each. The orange, gold and brown braided border frames the whimsical folk imagery by folk artist Susan Burd. Next, we have a couple more collections that could be the big hit at your party this year. The Black Cat Placemat and Black Cat Table Runner feature a spooky black cat silhouette atop an orange and white background. Or maybe your more in the mood to cast a spell, so consider the matching Witch Placemat and Witch Table Runner, that should do the trick.

We know creating  an inviting and warm environment is important to you, so perhaps you’ll consider one of the above ideas for your country home. As the star of many family dinners and other events to come, don’t forget your tables when decorating this season. Browse the entire collection of Harvest & Halloween Decor, we may have just what you’ve been searching for!