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A-tisket A-tasket Storage Baskets

Friday, January 17th, 2014
We all know the famous rhyme. “A-tisket, a-tasket, a green and yellow basket…” Keep your notes, bags, shoes, jewelry or any other household item that tends to cause clutter, organized with a wide range of braided, wood, rattan, metal, and wire storage basket options from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.
Wood and Wicker Totes
Wire Baskets

Mesh made from woven wire is a perfect option for storing plants, fruit or even for organizing your spices in the kitchen. Each of the options shown here are available as sets, making it easy to store anything you desire. Wire Baskets, shown here to the right, offer rustic country charm with their muted red colored finish. Large Wire Baskets (bottom right) are also available in a small size, and can be hung or propped on display. Footed Wire Bowls may not be called baskets, but they serve the same purpose when you put them on display.

Wire Baskets
Footed Wire Bowls Set of Two Large Baskets

Stair Basket Wooden Baskets

Store items the old fashioned way in wooden baskets similar to those that have been used in country homes for centuries. Lightweight and versatile, wooden and woven wood strip options are just right for display in your kitchen, entryway or bedroom. Stair Basket is just the right size for keeping items tucked away safely on your staircase. We all do it. Now is the time to organize those items collecting on the staircase to prevent tripping. If you use plastic bags, Honey Bag Basket will keep them stored for reuse later. Chip Wood Baskets Set comes with two sizes for lightweight storage convenience.

Honey Bag Basket Chip Wood Baskets Set

Braided Baskets

The convenience of braided baskets is that they form to whatever shape their contents may be. Storing soft squish-able items like dog toys or stuffed animals is as easy as storing shoes or firewood. Available in both large and small size options, these braided baskets offer traditional colors in black and cream braid. Designed to fit perfectly with our shaker benches for instant storage options. Coordinate your entire room with braided basket options that will match your braided rugs, as shown here on Chestnut Knoll and Keepsake Wool. Keep everything from knitting projects to baby’s toys tucked away.

Chesnut Knoll Braided Utility Basket
Keepsake Wool Braided Basket Large and Small Braided Baskets

What I Love Canvas Tote Stylish Baskets

While all of the options above can be used for just about anything around your house, it is nice to have other styles available that can speak to different features within your home. Woven into a herringbone pattern, Wicker and Wood Tote is sturdy enough to be used frequently, or for tucking things away for infrequent use. Sturdy canvas totes reinforced with wire rings form attractive versatile totes with handles and quirky messages to display to guests. Say it all with a simple phrase and lots of style.

Wicker and Wood Tote Message Canvas Tote

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Cozy Up by the Fire with New Hearth Items at SYW

Monday, February 13th, 2012

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are proud to announce that we are now carrying a quality selection of Hearth Storage Products, exclusively on our website. For many of us in the North East, it has been a cold winter as usual and that means more time spent by the fire. Though even if you live where it never snows, the fireplace may still be one of your favorite spaces because it represents a central area of the home; what some call the “heart” of the home. Fireplaces are typically seen in large central rooms or living rooms as they always have been since the very first, early American homes. The hearth or the wood stove was used as the main heating source of a home, as well as many times the main cooking sourcel. This integral part of the home, became the life blood of both survival and family togetherness; as the majority of time was spent here. Celebrate home, family, and start enjoying more time around the fire with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

When it comes to hearth organization, it’s important that the hearth remain inviting and not cluttered. Pictured above is our traditional Hearth Rack, which is the perfect size to keep firewood in one confined space. Simple in style, though displaying beautiful, hand forged ends. This rack will fit nicely right on your hearth space to eliminate any additional mess.  It could make the ideal housewarming or wedding gift too. Another style to choose from amongst our assortment of Hearth Racks is our Vertical Arch Rack. A unique bent steel design creates the distinctive side arches that take up only a compact square foot of hearth space and holds 2.5 cubic feet of firewood. The arches also act as handles to easily lift your rack for cleaning or rearranging. And if you’re really looking for a hearth upgrade, customers should consider our unique Sling Rack with Bar & 3 Piece Tool Set. The perfect all in one set for your fireplace needs, our Sling Rack Bar will tidy up the hearth space wherever that is in your home. A 3 Piece Tool Set includes a shovel, poker and an exclusive sorghum broom that are all easily stored on the rack. Sorghum is a grain that originated in Northern Africa. It is composed of long and stiff fibers that are also biodegradable; making this an eco-friendly choice.

All of our new, website exclusive hearth racks are crafted of the highest quality, hot rolled steel and complete with a uniform satin finish that gives a lustrous shine. Fine attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that is proudly achieved in the USA. For a convenient way to transport logs from either one area to another or while camping, try our Braided Log Carrier made from 100% eco-friendly jute fiber that will withstand the longest of winters.

~Browse all our Hearth Storage Racks at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop today!

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